Fabulous Reception Food Trends

Spending time with our vendors, we started to notice a reoccurring theme – brides everywhere are asking for newer and trendier ways to serve food to their guests!  So what is on trend for 2012 and 2013 brides?  Check out the list below for Fabulous Reception Food Trends…

Savory cupcakes.  Thought the cupcake craze was going away? Think again! Caterers have taken our fascination with all little things round to a new level by offering savory phyllo dough-filled “cupcakes” during cocktail hour (or even as a light entree!).  That means mashed potato icing on a mini meat loaf, or even an eggplant tomato mix topped with freshly grated Parmesan.  Yum!

Dessert pops.  Long gone are the days of a towering 5-tier fondant covered cake.  These days caterers are making caramel pecan pie pops, chocolate strawberry waffles on a stick, and mini cheesecake pops.  Let’s be honest, typically the only guests waiting around for a slice of cake with their coffee are Gammy and Great Uncle Sal, so why not offer several types of portable bite-size desserts so your guests can sample them all while continuing the celebration .

Gourmet street food.  Put a new twist on your love for global cuisine by serving it up street style.  Some of our favorite ideas: Chinese dim sum, mini Vietnamese spring rolls, and Middle Eastern baba ganoush falafels. Or go all out and bring in an actual food truck or food stand for your outdoor reception as a late night snack while your guests are partying the evening away.

Shot and martini glass “amuse-bouches”.  Whether it’s food or liquid, serving it in a martini or shot glass makes the dish an instant hit with guests.  We love the creativity and flexibility this trend gives caterers, while guests enjoy the amuse-bouche style of dining that lets them have a quick bite and then get back to partying on the dance floor.