10 Ways To Save On Flowers

1.  Research budget blooms – consider an affordable, year-round flower such as roses, stock flowers, chrysanthemums, and carnations.

2.  Let them do double duty – reuse your ceremony flowers at the reception

3.  Go “monobotanical” – use just one type of flower for the centerpieces and bouquets, the look is stunning and cost-effective.  You will get a better deal if your florist can purchase flowers in bulk.

4.  Be flexible – Don’t insist on specific flowers, instead tell your florist the colors and look you want to allow her to consider the most budget-friendly options.

5.  Use bigger blooms – In season, fluffy-headed blooms such as hydrangeas and peonies can stretch a budget, since you only need a few to fill a vase or bouquet.

6.  See what’s in stock – For the best deals choose blooms that are available in your area.

7.  Choose simple arrangements – Less labor equals more savings.  A loose grouping of flowers is not as time-consuming as a centerpiece that requires wiring a lot of individual stems.

8.  Raid grandma’s cabinets – Borrow teapots, water pitchers, silver bowls – anything that can be used in place of a traditional vase that you will have to buy or rent.

9.   Add flavor – Buy herbs – sage, basil, rosemary – from a garden center, place them in tiny terra-cotta pots, and group them as centerpieces.

10.  Think filler – Greenery saves money and gives centerpieces a WOW factor.  Greens are about one-third the price of most flowers.  Eucalyptus, lemon leaf, or pittosporum can supplement flowers in centerpieces and bouquets.