Cutting The List Means Cutting The Cost

Creating and editing your wedding guest list may be your most difficult task throughout this whole process. It is a daunting duty that raises a lot of questions and often times can lead to arguments if it is not handled properly. By setting guidelines from the get go and by being open and honest you can avoid this and be ten steps ahead of the average bride.

Clearly, by cutting the guest list you will be cutting the cost, but how on earth do you tell people that they aren’t invited? The answer is rather simple but does need some preparation. Set those guest list guidelines and be clear with your fiancé and your family that you have to be careful when creating this and that you only want to invite the people that you without a doubt want by your side on your wedding day. Give concrete examples and be clear that the lists that everyone is creating is only the rough draft and that it’s unfortunate, but you can not invite everyone. It’s always helpful to have a prepared response for those potentially awkward situations that may arise when you run into an old friend or distant relative that mentions your wedding. Something as simple as “We have so many people in our lives that we would have loved to invite and have with us, but we just couldn’t afford it.”

Your wedding is not the time to catch up with an old high school buddy or college friend that you may never see again, it’s not the time to try and people please by inviting people out of fear that you may hurt their feelings, and it is definitely not necessary to invite your 4th cousin once removed. This is YOUR day and the people that you need to invite, and that you want to invite, will be very obvious to you. If you are in any way questioning whether or not you should invite someone, then don’t. Everyone is completely aware of how much weddings cost and he or she will survive not making the cut and will hopefully understand, because more than likely, they either have or will be in that same situation themselves. The best way to avoid frustration and resentments is to be fair and not make any exceptions to your rules.

Simple ways to cut the guest list is by deciding that you will not be inviting work associates, by keeping it kid free (18 and up only), by not leaving room for your guest to invite a guest (committed relationships only), and by remembering that this is not a high school or college reunion. Don’t send out sympathy invites, don’t invite someone just because they invited you, and don’t lose focus of what this day is really about! Cutting the guest list is definitely a challenge, but not only will you save a considerable amount of money, but years down the road your pictures and memories will reflect the amazing time that you had with the people that matter the most to you, and not an overcrowded and costly bill for people that you lost touch with years ago. We have some quick and easy tips and and techniques that can totally assist you in this process, so don’t be afraid to call on your Charleston wedding planners to help you decide who makes the cut!