Budgeting For Beauty

After all of the hard work that you have put into your wedding day, do you think it’s wise to start getting frugal when it comes to your day of appearance? When it comes down to it, if you don’t think you look good… you won’t feel good. So, my friends, you ask – how do you get that flawless look without forking over tons of cash?

1. Beauty School Drop Out 

Now, you don’t have to do anything drastic like going to cosmetology school, buy why not take a couple lessons on make up application? You can do this several ways, but the cheapest would be to contact individual make up artists (get referrals from friends or your wedding planner) and ask about their pricing for individual lessons. This will be at least one hour of learning professional tricks and finding out about tones, shades, and what looks good on you. If you are going to spend the money on a service, why not get the most bang for your buck, and not just get one day of a flawless look but be able to apply it to your daily life? Seems like a totally fun day that could potentially save you tons of money on buying the wrong makeup or save you from getting caught wearing the wrong tone or having a not so flattering make up streak. If this sounds like something that you would benefit from, move forward and get enrolled!

2. You help me and I’ll help you 

Tons of great makeup professionals have an intern or an assistant that is super antsy to get their feet wet in this industry, but they won’t be able to do it alone. They will need YOUR help. An assistant or an intern didn’t just come off the street and decided they wanted to intern, they realized that they have a talent or have already completed their schooling. Plus, no professional would recommend that their intern or assistant could do it without knowing that they have the necessary skill set because it could potentially impact their reputation as well. Don’t forget that you have something to offer in return for their services – your photographs. You will have professional photographs that they can use to start their own portfolio – it’s a win/win situation.  Also, check out the local training schools, there are tons of cosmetology students that need the experience and their prices are generally super affordable.

3. These boots were made for walkin’

This is no time for laziness! Yes, it’s absolutely fabulous to have your makeup artist come to you and your girls the day of and pamper you. This usually doesn’t happen to most people throughout their life time and having your makeup done in that fashion is sure to make you and your girls feel special. However, you are going to feel special ALL day long – from the moment you get up to the minute your head hits the pillow at the end of the night. We promise, you will feel just as special in the salon and maybe even more so since you will be in public and having so many people congratulate and compliment you. By going to the salon, you are really saving on a hefty service charge because you won’t have to pay for the makeup artist to lug all of her products around as well as compensate for the gas mileage. Get out with your girls, spa days are fun and relaxing, and sometimes just what the doctor ordered!

4. Department Store Drifter

Ok, not going to lie, this one is definitely risky but hey- no one is judging. Well, we aren’t.  If you really didn’t have the money to fork over, don’t have any experience with makeup, or if you are the more adventurous type you do have the option of heading to your local department store. We do personally recommend the M.A.C. counter, they generally have great representatives and their product is phenomenal. You can get your make up done for free but you really are obligated to purchase something to compensate for the time and hopefully because you love the product. If shopping malls on your wedding day doesn’t seem to bother you and you can’t resist the temptation of a free makeup consultant, then head to the M.A.C-counter at your local department store and you won’t have to linger very long before you are approached by a consultant.

5. That’s What Friends are For

Do you have a friend that is skilled when it comes to makeup or even has a background in cosmetology? Most people don’t mind providing the bride services on their wedding day and take it as a gigantic compliment. Look at it this way, they are being chosen and trusted on one of the biggest days of your life, that’s pretty sweet. If you do choose to go with a friend, please make sure there is a practice round. What looked good on your friend, may not look good on you, and it’s always important to practice and try to get the look that you want. If considering yourself or a friend that is not a professional, please keep in mind a few little important tips. Remember the climate and stay away from oil based makeup, primer will give that smooth appearance and will help your make-up last all day long, waterproof mascara/eyeliner is a must, and don’t forget your blotter sheets and touch up makeup.

6. Don’t listen to anything we just said

Honestly, if you have the room in your budget and you have done a fabulous job saving money in other areas, don’t be afraid to pamper yourself. You deserve it and you get one day to do it, next month you probably won’t have a good enough reason to hire a professional makeup artist to swing by before you head out on the town. Our personal opinion is that airbrush make-up is completely amazing and as we said earlier we are partial to M.A.C. cosmetics. As we always say search for ways to save, stay on track with your budget, but don’t be cheap! You have put a lot of work into your day, if you haven’t relaxed and spoiled yourself just a little bit, now might be the time!