Penny Pinching Programs

Programs can be an important part of your wedding day because you get an opportunity to acknowledge your wedding party, any loved ones that you want to remember, give thanks to your guests, and it gives the information about the ceremony that you worked so hard on for so many months! They can be a beautiful and sentimenal touch to your ceremony and some find them to be a great keepsake. Some think that they are a waste of time and money that can be used elsewhere, which is absolutely fine too! However, if you want a program and you are feeling a little pinched or penniless when it comes to fitting into your budget, well then I guess it’s time to get creative!!

You don’t have to go overboard with your program! Your program is supposed to be a reflection of the couple and their ceremony, a way to tell everyone how much it means to have them there, and for you girls with a theme – this is a great place to show it off! Let’s be honest, most of the time the programs are read and looked at throughout the ceremony and then they are tossed on the the floorboard of a car or found destroyed at the bottom of a purse. So, keeping this in mind, you can begin to understand why we don’t necessarily need to go overboard on the program portion of an already tight budget.

It’s about time we put those art classes that we had to take in school took to good use! You will only need a few essential items and you can be well on your way to having a cute, creative, and cost effective program. Assuming you have access to a computer with a printer, all you need is card stock of your choice, a pair of scissors, maybe some rubber cement and popsicle sticks, maybe some ribbon….the options are endless!

There are plenty of templates online that you can choose from and then you decide whether or not you want to make a cute little fan, a fancy little flip book, keep it simple and traditional, or come up with a creation of your very own! This can definitely be a fun project that you can get the girls together for or even do in front of the t.v. Just skip out on the professional printing, the over priced paper, and skip labor costs by doing it yourself!  Here are some DIY programs to check out below and if you want some more ideas or someone to help you put these together, that’s when you know you should call on Fabulous Fête!!