Warming Up To Winter Weddings

As the air begins to get cold and our wardrobes have fully changed to accommodate our winter weather, we can’t help but to focus on winter wedding trends. As we have mentioned in numerous blogs prior to this, the best way to keep your heart happy and warm, is to get the venue of your dreams at half the cost. The only way to do that and keep your wedding on a weekend, is to begin thinking of a winter wedding. There are so many advantages to a winter wedding, as it is much more cost effective, and it really allows you to think outside of the “normal” wedding box. Most of us think about 2 things this time of year – staying warm and family.

We all know that there is no better way of getting all of your family in the same place at one time, than at a wedding, so your only challenge becomes keeping your guests warm. This is super easy to do with a great caterer and potentially some heaters depending on the venue you choose. Here’s our top 5 favorite winter wedding trends:

1. Bringing The Outdoors Indoors: There is nothing better than transforming a space and really making it your own. If you had your hopes up for an outdoor wedding – consider bringing it indoors. With greenery and branches – you can really transform a space and make it feel like an outdoor venue with the warmth and coziness of being indoors.

2. Coffee Bar: Don’t forget the coffee bar! We all love our coffee, but we really love our coffee in the winter time. Keep your guests warm and relaxed with a great coffee or hot chocolate bar. You can even get creative and bring in a specialty drink – like a cider.

3. Go for the Gold: It’s true that those bold pops of color are really in this year, but we want you to think about gold and how it encompass’ beauty and elegance. It also brings a warm yet rich feeling into your space and honestly, it’s just fabulous. Think accessories and decor!

4. Broach Bouquets: These aren’t going anywhere! They are a super hot trend and we really think it is a great look for the winter. You can keep your neutral colors but still have that wow factor.

5. Warm Eats: Keep your guests happy with warm full tummies. It’s a fact that people eat more in the winter, whether it all the wonderful food surrounding the holidays, the extra layers that are forgiving to figures, or to stay warm. Whatever it is, your guests are always happy when they are fully fed, and they are ecstatic when they are surprised late night. Think about bringing out some late night sweets.

We hope we have given you some inspiration and have opened up your mind to considering how fun a winter wedding can be. There are so many winter trends out there and we are definitely available to help anyone process these ideas a little further and share some other great ones with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Happy Winter Everyone!