2013 Wedding Invitation Trends

Your invitations set the tone for your event.  Are you southern and traditional? Modern and minimalist? Rustic and a naturalist?  Once you have pinned down the concept for your wedding and you have a direction – you are ready to look into invitations.  Remember that Save the Date cards are now practically mandatory with people’s lives being so hectic they want to plan ahead, and especially with destination weddings becoming so popular!  Keep in mind the Save the Dates should go with the same concept as the invites, they don’t have to match by any means, but they should go along with the concept and not against it…

Below are five 2013 Wedding Invitation Trends … enjoy!

Rustic concept = Wood wedding invitations.  Each invite is mounted on a piece of hand-carved cedar. These are some serious tree-hugging, nature-loving invitations that will stun your guests…



Whimsical concept = Folk Art invitations.  Each invite has a hand-painted feel with whimsical designs & drawings that reflect you, your groom, and your story.  Adorable!



Retro concept = Story invitations.  Couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding invitations and are adding a sense of humor about it all.  This story style invitation lets your wedding guests in on how you met, what your life has been like together up to this point and then of course the info about the wedding day. These retro designs are a fun way to add a twist to the regular old wedding invite and brings some personality to the paper project.



Modern concept = Minimalist invitations.  Fitting for an urban loft venue, an old factory space or if the “less is more” motto fits your wedding design – you should consider going with an understated and clean styled invitation.



Southern/traditional concept = Handkerchief invitations.  If a traditional southern wedding is what you are going for then you can stop looking for your invitation because we have the winner right here. These amazing handkerchief invites scream southern charm and are something your wedding guests will soon not forget. Screen printed right onto cotton handkerchiefs, these invites are one of the hottest trends out there for any couple looking to step outside of the limited paper invitation world.