Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

There are beautiful displays at a wedding and then there are some not so beautiful displays at a wedding. Some of the displays that aren’t so stunning – are the one’s that may come out of the mouth of the bride or maybe be the result of trying to save money without considering the potential consequences. We are here to help you veer away from those common mistakes and let you in on some things that your guests may want you to know.

1. Siri is awesome but she is not a DJ. We get it. It seems like a lot of money to pay someone to play your favorite music that you run to every morning and is provided to you by your handy dandy Ipod or Iphone. Hearing that your Iphone is going to be the conductor of the music the bride walks to down the aisle is like nails on a chalk board to a wedding planner. We get that no one will probably be calling you or that you could flip it into airplane mode, but the thought of your phone not cooperating and your obnoxious text messaging sound or ring tone is what the bride screeches to a halt to mid way down the aisle, will have your guests talking for months. I don’t know about you guys, but when I really really need Siri to come through for me, she gets sassy – and we don’t need any sass right before the big moment. We all have technology horror stories but let’s not make your wedding day one of those stories. Remember that a DJ is more than a guy that presses play, they keep the event moving and everything on a structured timeline, they deserve more credit than they get. 

2. The most dreaded two words in the English language. Cash Bar. Now don’t get me wrong, your guests are not showing up with the intentions of drinking Dom Pérignon the entire night but after traveling in from out of town or just having expectations based on prior wedding experiences, they aren’t interested in paying for house wine or miller lite. It’s definitely a mood killer and depending on how much the bar costs, it could send your guests home early. Whatever you offer is what they get, and they will be grateful because it’s complimentary. So don’t think you have to go over the top, but do remember that this is an event that you are hosting and you want your guests to feel comfortable and appreciated. Do what’s in your budget, but if you can’t afford a bar, maybe a daytime wedding and then heading out for a night on the town is a better option. 

3. Don’t let there be room for surprise. Do your homework and meet with your vendors. You are paying these people and trusting that they will put on a fabulous event that you have envisioned. Reviews and references are great ways to make sure that your vendors are reputable, but you need to make sure that your personality goes well with theirs. You don’t want vendors being rude or shooing people out of the way, you expect them to be professional, but there is only one way of ensuring this…. meeting them. 

4. Not a fan. We are all about brides jumping on the most fabulous venues during off season because they can get them for such a fantastic deal. However, be smart about it. Don’t have a daytime wedding outdoors in August. Are you trying to save some money or kill your guests? It’s not worth it. If your guests are hot, they will be miserable. You will be miserable. Sure you can put out cute paper fans, but nothing will help take the sting away from the August sun unless you are planning on getting married under water. There are definitely indoor venues that will be better in the heat of the summer, and those outdoor venues will work just fine with our mild Charleston winters. 

5. Dead Silence. Awkward. Don’t make your guests mingle without at least some background music playing. Music helps people relax and not feel pressured to fill in empty spaces in the conversation. You want your guests to feel welcomed, to feel relaxed, and to enjoy their time at your wedding. Background music is hardly noticeable, but we promise, people notice when it’s not there. Also, don’t make people wait. Keep the event moving. Walk down the aisle on time, get to the reception in a timely manner. Your guests don’t expect a lot of one on one time with you, but they do expect your presence and everyone wants their time to be respected. 

6. Oh no she didn’t. Please do everyone around you a gigantic favor. Remove “because I’m the bride” from your vocabulary entirely. Your guests don’t want to hear it, and most importantly your groom doesn’t want to hear it. These four words could literally make your guests’ eyes roll in the back of their heads to the point that they stay there. Don’t let your wedding turn you into someone you are not. You deserve the most special day but everyone around you shouldn’t have to pay for it.