Sweet Style

It is no secret that the traditional wedding cake is slowly starting to sizzle away and become a tradition of the past. We are beginning to see this for many reasons and it is definitely becoming more popular to have a small cake to cut for tradition and have alternative sweets for your guests. Although wedding cakes can be absolutely stunning, it is often a pretty pricey centerpiece. Modern brides are choosing colorful candy displays, locally represented desserts, cupcakes, and the list of sweet possibilities is endless. Here are a couple of tips to begin your candy creation…

Color with Candy ~ Take your candy bar and use it as a décor piece. You definitely don’t need to stick with your wedding colors and you can use this as a big opportunity to bring a pop of color and some fun to your reception. You can bring in gumballs and lollipops that will bring out a bunch of colors or you can keep it very chic and stick to neutral colors. Several candy companies even allow you to order specific colors and can even personalize for you. Don’t hesitate to brighten up your wedding and this will be sure to catch your guests eye and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Delicious Décor ~ A way to keep this a crowd pleaser both visually and tastefully, is to have a variety and give the candy bar some depth. You can do this by using different types of containers such as buckets, vases, tumblers, mason jars, and pretty much anything your heart desires. Different shapes and heights will create that depth you are looking for and it is also adds some flavor when you create tiers and make the back row of candy a little taller than the front. Don’t forget to have some fun with necessary utensils needed for the guests to be able to grab their sweets. This can range from scoops to tongs and even toothpicks depending on what you have on display.

Sensational Soda ~ A recent bride of ours had a very unique favor/sweet that included flavored soda and the bottles were personalized with a picture of the bride and groom as children. This was not only a sentimental sweet but the color and pop that it brought to the venue was sensational. Not to mention it was a big hit with the younger crowd. You don’t always have to stick to candy – think outside the box. Also, you can have fun with some of our old school favorites like candy earrings and ring pops or even candy cigarettes or pixie sticks would be fun and bring on some reminiscing with your guests.

No matter what you choose, this is going to be a crowd pleaser and generally all of your guests will find something that they like and it is always a great conversation piece. You can do so much with a candy bar from making it look like a cute old candy shop, keep it chic, or just bring a twist of fun into your reception with sweets that will bring some laughter and fun to your reception.