Dangling Décor

Everyone has seen reception venues that are decked out with draping and we all know that this can completely change the look of the venue. There are several things that need to go into consideration when considering draping as your event design, but there is one problem that is a little bit bigger. Cost.  Draping is extremely time consuming, is very labor intensive, and most importantly it is extremely expensive.  We are here to help give you some ideas to change the overall ambiance while staying within your budget.

Hanging décor or what you may consider ceiling centerpieces have really taken off in regards to wedding trends. This can be as simple as hanging a chandelier from the center of your tent or you may decide that you want a floating centerpiece for your reception tables. Ceiling centerpieces are not only gorgeous but effective in allowing all of your guests to see each other and talk across the table without a huge obstruction in their way. It lets your guests enjoy each other and the centerpiece. There are an infinite number of ideas and ways to make this your own and really get into this dangling décor and design, but you need to take into account your space, the size of the décor, and the placement of it. Staggering is going to be important in making sure this doesn’t look uniform and that it gives the unique look you want. Dangling décor can be a part of your lighting, it can bring a pop of color to your venue, and it can definitely create a whimsical and romantic feel in your wedding venue.

Time to inspire! Check out the images below that we have gathered from Belle Magazine and Pinterest and start making this idea your own.