Am I Being A Bridezilla?

Most of you have seen the show Bridezillas on WE Tv, have caught a glimpse of the Kim Kardashian chaos that surrounded her sprint to the alter, or have been lucky enough to have witnessed a full bridal meltdown in person. We look at these brides and think “I would never require a weekly weigh-in for my bridesmaids before my upcoming nuptials” or “I can’t believe she is flipping out over a shade of peach” the truth of the matter is you could very well go down that path when it is your turn.

Brides have this idea in their head that things have to be absolutely perfect the day of their wedding and if they don’t do everything in their power (including telling their soon-to-be mother in law she has to wear NARS lipstick in Viva Las Vegas color) to make it impeccable, their wedding day will not be a success.

First step is self-awareness. We will ALL have our Bridezilla moments, or at least most of us will, the rest that don’t are either on heavy doses of Xanax or have in infinite amount of patience and serenity. Like Mother Theresa. So not that common. For the majority of brides, acknowledging that this is the day you have been waiting for all your life and that you want things to go your way so you are more controlling and stressed than usual, is a good start. And is wanting your wedding to go well a crime? No it isn’t. The trick is to find ways to cope because believe me, you will get frustrated, you will get worried, you will be upset and take it out on the people around you.

Take time for yourself. Take the dog for a long walk. Go get that manicure with a friend who makes you laugh. Check out Groupon in your area for massage deals and get away for an hour and let yourself get pampered. Brides often get stressed because they try to do so much. Have you ever been to a wedding where there is just too much? The 3-tiered cake, the cupcakes, the candy bar, the grooms cake, the cigar bar, the photo booth, the photo slide show during the speeches, bagpipers during cocktail hour, salsa dancers after dinner, and so on and so on. It is TOO MUCH! Instead of doing an abundance of meaningless things, why not do a small amount of meaningful touches? This will take a lot off your plate and allow you to enjoy your engagement and planning your wedding much more, and probably lower your chances of Bridezilla outbursts!

Vent. That is what friends and family are for! But in case your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and mothers have heard quite enough of you venting and complaining about the wedding, try journaling. Get yourself a cute notebook or even grab your laptop and whenever you are annoyed or frustrated try writing everything out. You will feel much better. Just make sure your grievances don’t get sent in an email somehow!

In the end, remember things never go perfectly and to plan the wedding for you and your husband and no one else. Speak up when you disagree (in a friendly non-bridezilla manner of course) and try not to leave things until the last minute. Leaving things last minute only adds stress and fuels the Bridezilla fire.

Another way to alleviate stress is to hire a wedding planner – so contact Fabulous Fête to see how we can help you plan your dream wedding!