Cutting The Cake

Depending on if you are a traditional bride or a more modern bride, a great way to save a buck – is to consider your dessert options.

Brides are generally shocked to find out the continuously climbing cake costs and often times haven’t budgeted appropriately for this. The cost of your cake could potentially add up to $8 per person, which may not be a price you’re willing to pay!

There are tons of options to consider when booking a baker. If you are really traditional and have your heart set on a big cake, that can be doubled as a centerpiece/decor for your reception hall, then we strongly encourage you to fake it! That’s right, ask your baker if they have any “presentation” cakes you can rent or even create your own dream cake but ditch the flour and the eggs and head straight for the Styrofoam and icing (or fondant)! Once you cut the cake, it is swept from right under your nose so that your caterers can begin cutting it in the back, so none of your guests will have a clue that they are being served sheet cake. This way you can have a stunning cake and save over half of what you have set aside for your cake budget!

Other options, for our more modern brides, is to have a dessert table filled with your favorite treats. This could represent you or even the city that is hosting this fabulous celebration. Put out a table with classic treats like gummy bears, M&M’s and everyone’s favorite candies that will also bring a pop of color to your reception! These “Candy Bars” double as a wedding favor for your guests and you can always include a little bag if they would like to take some sweets to go.

Finally, consider a smaller cake and you can still have a dessert table or the sheet cake in the back that can be handed out by your caterers. Don’t be duped into thinking your display cake has to feed all of your guests! Get creative and don’t get caught up in the cake. It’s a sweet sentiment but it will not make or break your special day! We encourage you to contact use for more help, shop around, go to tastings, but just don’t let the sweets steal the budget!