Extreme Couponing Goes Bridal

When we think of couponing, we generally begin to think about the grocery store and the local Sunday ads that are displaying all the two for one specials in aisle six.  Even TLC  has a new show called Extreme Couponing, which has what we would consider professional couponers saving some serious cash. If you go check out the shows website, they have a Dollars and Sense guide, Coupon Chatter, and even an extreme coupon offer right there on the site. There are some really great budgeting ideas on the site and throughout the show that we could all learn from and begin incorporating into our daily lives.

What does this have to do with being a bride and planning a wedding?

Well, first of all, if we save money on groceries, we have more to play with for the wedding. Second of all, who says the wedding industry doesn’t have coupons? Of course they do! I just spoke with a bride the other day that saved fifty dollars because she Googled coupon codes for her save the dates and then on top of it she found a 50% off coupon for all wedding supplies at her local craft store. Many of us have geared towards shopping online and there are always online codes that offer a sweet discount on the product, but you can’t forget to do a google search and look for that coupon code.

Also, the wedding industry can be a pretty competitive market, and a lot of wedding professionals offer discounts or coupons if you “like” them on facebook, follow them on twitter, or if you post a comment to their blog. Vendors also have some sweet give-a-ways and raffles that are worth checking out and submitting your information if you can get free or discounted services. This all helps vendors with their marketing, and since you are helping them, they want to help you.

The best advice we can give you is to make a list of all the things that you need to buy for the wedding (this includes bridal jewelry) and begin regularly looking in your Sunday paper and online for coupons and slowly you can begin purchasing your items as they go on sale. Think about those fancy napkins or tablecloths that you want for the wedding, but they are not so budget friendly. In all honesty, they may be cheaper to purchase than rent if you are keeping your eyes peeled for spectacular sales or drastic discounts!  Couponing can actually be a ton of fun and nothing feels better than conquering the battle of the budget and getting everything you want at a phenomenal price!

The holidays are going to come and go before we know it, and the stores are going to start advertising their after the holiday or end of the year sales, so start looking for those shopping steals! Feel free to share your favorite coupon or coupon sites with our other readers, and don’t be afraid to call on Fabulous Fête for your shopping or couponing needs!

There is nothing these two Charleston wedding planners love more than finding brides the best bargains!!