What is the Best Way to Exit Your Wedding?

Special Exits For Special Couples

We get this question ALL the time! First thing you want to do is check your venue contract. Several venues have very specific rules about the types of exits that are allowed, so before heading to Pinterest and spending your valuable time coming up with an exit, you will want to see what is permissible at your specific venue. We see a lot of couples put a lot of time and energy into these exits, which is super fun, but don’t feel obligated to do it – it’s your wedding – spend your time and money anyway you want!

We always recommend checking in with your photographer and following their recommendations, because they will of course be the ones to capture it. They can always give some great insight into what has worked the best for them and if they aren’t going to be there for the exit, it may not make sense to do an evening exit. In this case, we generally recommend to plan a fun exit following your ceremony, so they are there to capture that. Exits are very difficult to capture because there is typically no light, so you will definitely want to make sure if you have something super fun planned – you will want a professional photographer there to capture it for you and let them know in advance what you have planned.

Check out our fabulous couples and what they have done for their exits:

The Sparkler Exit

First up is the sparkler exit. This is by far the most popular, but also one of the most common exits not allowed at venues, so be sure to check your contract before you purchase anything! I would say this is probably a photographers favorite as well because it provides light and creates a beautiful picture. It’s probably a planners least favorite – depending on how much your guests drink! haha. We have certainly been burned before, and we have seen guests almost burn couples as well – so you may want to keep that in mind if your guests like to party!

The Confetti Toss

This is becoming more popular now that there is such thing as biodegradable confetti or what some call Ecofetti. Super cool because you aren’t completely littering or harming your environment and manufacturers say that it doesn’t cause any harm to animals as well. There are a few places that do not allow this because of concerns that it could cause harm to animals, so again… check that contract!

The Bubble Exit

Maybe bubbles are more your thing… we love that! Bubbles are super cute and are amazing exit pictures for ceremonies or day time weddings. A great photographer can catch it in the evening as well, but make sure they know because they need to have lighting to do that! This gives a playful and romantic feel and doesn’t leave you feeling like you just got pelted by something you gave your guests to toss at you!

The Lavender Toss

This is for sure another fan and Fabulous Fête favorite! Lavender is just the best scent, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s fun! However, make sure you LOVE the scent, because you are going to be covered in it! After your guests have had some drinks, they are not going to be shy during your exit, and you are going to head back to your wedding night with your new hubby or blushing bride with lavender in places you didn’t know could have been hit with lavender! haha. Again – super fun and romantic, but the clean up on your end is a bit of a pain.

Second Line Ceremony Exit

Seriously… could there by anything cuter or more fun? This is such a fabulous way to exit your ceremony and lead your guests to the reception (of course only if it’s in walking distance). Our couples who have done this have had a blast and their guests are always raving about how fun it is to be a part of that. Parading downtown with your guests and seeing the reaction of pedestrians or even just heading to a different spot on a large plantation is perfect for this type of ceremony exit. Your guests will most definitely be entertained and you will have some great pictures!

The Petal Toss

This is another romantic way to exit your ceremony or reception. If you plan to do this in the evening, it may be hard to capture and can be expensive depending on how many petals you need. Also, some venues require that ALL petals are picked up and you could be fined if any are left behind. In this case, you definitely don’t want to do a petal toss at night because there is no way people will be able to see to do this and you will want to check with your planner as there may be fees associated with the labor. Picking up hundreds of petals by hand is not the easiest task! However, some venues have no rules associated with this and it certainly makes for a fun and romantic departure.

The Glow Stick Exit 

Whether you want to include glow sticks in your reception or if you are trying to find an alternative to sparklers, this is typically what we see. You would not believe how much fun your guests will have dancing with glow sticks. From your flower girl to your grandma – they will all love it! I don’t know what it is about glow sticks… but we get ATTACKED by your guests when we start to pass them out! It is seriously a really fun thing for your guests to have and they will all be wearing them when they leave.

The Ribbon Wand Exit

This has been a crafty thing to hit Pinterest, but most couples find the craft a bit too time consuming to actually do. The ribbon want is a great way to show off your favorite team colors, your school pride, or your wedding colors. This fabulous couple did red white and blue ribbon wands since their big day was so close to the 4th of July. This is a great way to personalize your wedding and make it different from any other.

Wedding Wish Lantern Exit

This is something many of our brides bring up, but it is pretty hard to find a venue that will allow it. If you are having your wedding at a private venue or beach house, this may be the way to do this type of exit or even just a great way to end the event. If this is an exit you want to do, please consider your surroundings as this could cause a fire if you are near trees or a park. We want you to have a fun exit, but we definitely don’t want to set anything on fire!

The Exit Car

Save your money on all those trinkets you would have to buy your guests and just get an awesome car to exit your reception. Your guests can see you off in that sweet ride and you wouldn’t believe the oooohing and ahhhhing we see from a vintage car. The pictures are fabulous and your guests are definitely checking out your ride and that is the last image that will be in their head from your wedding – so not a bad one! We can always line your guests up to cheer you on as you head to your getaway car and ride off as newlyweds. This is definitely something we suggest!