What Kind Of Transportation Should I Get For The Exit?

Picking The Perfect Sendoff

This is another super popular question and something we always remind our couples to save some room for in the budget! No matter what – you need a ride home! It’s rare that we see a couple want to drive themselves, so make sure you put some thought into this. We have couples that prefer to save some money and get an Uber or a Cab – that is perfectly fine – just make sure you have a plan in place. You certainly don’t want to be in charge of calling or setting up your ride home. Others want something a bit more fun….

Here are some FABULOUS rides that are couples have taken home:

Carriage Ride

There is nothing more sweet and southern than a carriage ride! Of course these carriages are a bit limited to where they can travel, but Charleston has several carriage services and some specific to weddings. This definitely adds some romance to your day and gives you two some time to be alone. If you are considering using a carriage, we recommend that you use one following the ceremony when it is still light out and take advantage of the carriage bringing  you to different locations for photos. There are some instances where you can use carriages for your reception exit as well, but the location of your reception and your final destination will make a difference in whether or not this is possible.


A lot of our couples want to stay with their group or they want to provide transportation for their guests. In this case, Charleston offers some of the most fabulous looking trolleys that are adorable and continue to lay on the thick southern charm for your guests. These make a fabulous photo op, can provide guests with transportation to and from the wedding, or can be a fabulous ride for your bridal party. This is such a great way to provide a safe ride and look absolutely adorable doing it!


I’m On A Boat! 

Seriously… a boat exit? I am jealous just blogging about this! A boat departure is so exciting and fun – I just love when our couples have the opportunity to do this! Several venues in Charleston have docks and allow this, so make sure you check with your venue and planner before you start booking your transportation.


Vintage Cars 

This is definitely a fan favorite, couple favorite, and Fabulous Fete favorite! We LOVE our vintage car exits! The pictures that our couples get in these cool cars are timeless, adorable, and really just perfect.  You can just see the glow on their faces from celebrating the most perfect evening and their readiness to ride off with their new spouse and begin their new journey. It’s just the sweetest! Not to mention, your guests are going to fawn all over these vintage cars – it’s hard to peel them away to prepare for your exit!



Really ANY Fancy Car Will Do:

Some of our couples have connections or a family member with a pretty sweet ride. Time to take advantage of that connection and think about using it for your get away! This couple used a more than fabulous Rolls Royce for their big day….


Vintage Bus, School Bus, or a Party Bus: 

You wouldn’t believe the adorable vintages buses that they have in Charleston! They are so cute and can cart a large amount of guests from point A to point B.  Buses can also be a bit more budget friendly if you are looking at a vintage bus, coach bus, or even a school bus. These are great options and something we see a lot of our couples use to transport guests or the bridal party. Do you want to keep the party going? Then maybe a fun party bus is more your style – another favorite mode of transportation for our bridal parties looking to head downtown and continue the party post wedding!



There are so many options… the list could go on forever! We love sending our couples and their guests off in style, so let us know if we can help!