How To Pick The Perfect Veil

What Type Of Veil Is Perfect For You?

A lot of brides don’t put much thought into a veil or even wanting one until they finally have that “veil experience.” You find yourself in a fabulous dress shop with the most important people in your life, and in the MOST perfect dress, and it really can’t get any better…. until…. you put on a veil.  Everything stops and suddenly you realize… YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!  Cue the tears…

A veil is a super unique accessory that really makes a bride feel like a bride. Your veil is a fabulous way to show off your style, include a family heirloom, and/or compliment your dress – there are just SO many options! Also, if you are planning to do a first look, you can save the veil for the ceremony so that you still bring an element of surprise when you walk down the aisle.

Let’s take a look at some of our past brides and their absolutely fabulous veils….

The Cathedral Length Veil: 

This is where the drama is at ladies! We love everything about these and they photograph so beautifully! Your veil may be a heirloom that means more to the person that first wore it than you may ever know or a beautiful way to include someone that is no longer with us. You can match scalloping, design, or lace with your dress or you can go with a simple cathedral length veil with no design and it will bring the same amount of beauty and drama. Sometimes the simpler the better…depending on your dress of course! I just love the softness and beauty it brings – I mean look at these pictures!!

The only thing to consider is if you are getting married outside, it may catch on the ground or the wind may be a problem. We have lots of solutions for that – so just chat with us if you need any pointers!

The Fingertip Length Veil: 

These veils offer a soft, sweet, and traditional look. They are easier to manage outdoors and can be the perfect finishing touch to really make you feel like a bride! You can have a blusher or second layer to wear over your face, which is very traditional, or just one simple layer which is a bit more common now-a-days. Pay close attention to the design and details as well as the simplicity of the different veils. You want the veil to compliment your dress and not take away from it. Look at how the piping, scalloping, and lace look in each of these different veils and what represents your style the most.

Birdcage or Blusher Veil:

We love this look! Such a classic and beautiful touch and I think it screams southern charm! This style definitely goes with a certain dress and look, so let us know if you need help deciding.


Is a veil not really your thing? Stay tuned for our next blog on flower crowns and head pieces….