Christie + Tillman’s Legare Waring House Wedding Featured On The Wedding Row

Christie + Tillman’s Legare Waring House Southern Soirée

Words can not describe the excitement, compassion, genuineness, and gratitude that these two embodied throughout their wedding planning. Sometimes there are people in your life that you meet and think – could this be real? Are people really this nice? These two were EXCITED – and let me tell you, their excitement was contagious! They really were the sweetest couple and it was a wedding I was sad to see come to an end because of how great the planning process was with them. From the start, these two wowed me with their engagement story (HELLO – a flash mom in time square?! So jealous!) and the fun never ended when planning every last detail of this southern soirée. 

The clear top tent, the café lighting with paper lanterns, the chandeliers that were strategically hung in the perfect spots, the stunning garden bouquets, the Gone With The Wind book placed inside the home with a single flower….I could go on forever. Every last detail was considered and carefully thought through and that was very evident to their guests. Christie and Tillman’s excitement never ceased – they were upbeat and excited from the first time we spoke until we said goodbye, their vibrant personalities will never be forgotten and are missed already!

Every last detail of this wedding was beautiful, but nothing will compare to the couple and their families – that’s where the real beauty could be found! We wish these two a life filled with happiness and continued excitement.

Don’t miss the amazing feature by The Wedding Row and you can find our gallery of this fabulous wedding here, but just to ease the suspense – here are a few teaser pictures for you…