Swoon-Worthy Wedding Shoes

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your wedding shoes should be top on that To Do list! You want to give yourself time to find that perfect accessory, the shoe that will give that wow factor, the one you have been dreaming about but could never afford or splurge for. Your wedding shoes are so important as they will be captured in so many memories to come and because they could really make or break your day.

Truthfully, you only need the fabulous pair of shoes for your pictures and then you can switch into something much more comfortable. I may be crazy, but the shoes are like the first thing I want to see. The dress is important of course, but girl – I have got to see those shoes! I have always loved shoes and think that your shoes can really tie everything together and put that touch of fabulous on your day!

We have had some fabulous brides with some swoon-worthy shoes! Check our girls out because they know how to accessorize…..