Cheers To Seven Years As Charleston Wedding Planners!

The Top Seven Things We Have Learned In The Past Seven Years

Seven years later and we couldn’t be happier to still be able to do our dream job and work with the best people in Charleston! It’s hard to put into words everything we have learned over the years, because we are still learning every day and we are still striving to be the best planners we can be. Every day is a new experience and every client is new and unique in their own way. These are all things that make our job challenging but also keeps us on our toes and challenge us, which we love. We don’t want to do the same event for everyone – we want your event to be unique and to represent YOU! 

  1.  Every client is unique and handles their planning very differently. Some clients check in with us for every teeny tiny detail and others just touch base as needed and for updates. Everyone is so different and needs to be handled differently. We genuinely care about our couples and we work to get to know each one of them and really understand what they want for their big day. We have learned to let the couple take the lead and work individually with each couple to really understand what they want and how we can best help them throughout this process. Whether you want us to make every decision for you or you just want a sounding board throughout this process, everyone is SO very different and we want to make sure we really mold ourselves and our services to what you need.
  2. Events bring stress… stress brings emotions… those emotions may be directed at you but they aren’t necessarily for you. Don’t react – just empathize. Holy Cow has this been a hard lesson. We often see strong emotions rise the day of the wedding and it can come from someone you least expect. Since we have been working so long with the couple, it is basically never with them, and often times we see these emotions come out of a family member or guest. We have been talked down to, we have been yelled at by everyone you can imagine, we often have to respond to someone yelling “Hey wedding planner – get me a drink” (or insert whatever directive you can imagine), but at the end of the day our job is to create the most perfect and magical day. The only way to create that day for our couple is to extinguish the dramatic fires that begin and help people relax and enjoy the event. Sometimes it’s hard to remove yourself and understand that although you are the one being yelled at, it’s clear they are upset or just nervous about something completely irrelevant to YOU the planner. We work hard to try and make everyone feel included and we want EVERYONE to have the best day. Not just the couple, but their guests too! We will work hard to make everyone happy and even though we don’t love this part of our job, we have built a stronger back bone and are working every day at understanding that everyone responds to stress differently and it is our job to help them through it so they can ultimately enjoy the day.
  3.  Encourage their uniqueness and help them personalize their wedding. The bride may want to ride in on horse and let doves go when they kiss. They may want all of this and want to invite 200 guests and tell you their budget is 10k. As defeating and as difficult as this is – we focus on  giving the client what they want. We don’t want to say no to any of our clients, instead we want to figure out how we can get them what they want and how we can work together to make some adjustments to get them there. We want our clients to be represented at their wedding and we certainly don’t want every event to look the same. We want to be challenged and we want to hear all of your fabulous ideas. When we started we wanted to know all the trends, and although we still love fashion and trends, we don’t want your wedding to be trendy. We want it to be timeless and most importantly – we want it to represent you!
  4.  We Are All On The Same Team! Every one in this industry is working towards the same common goal. We want happy couples and we want to deliver the best day of our couples lives to them. We want to make their dreams a reality – and we have all figured out how to do that. We work well together as a team. We aren’t competing with each other – there are more than enough weddings in Charleston to keep us all in business! We want each couple to be with the vendors that fit their personalities and that will give them the ultimate experience. We absolutely know that we aren’t the planners for everyone and are happy to refer to the other fabulous people we know. When we first began we would book anyone and everyone even if we knew it maybe wasn’t the best fit, because we wanted the experience and we wanted to learn. Everyone does this – it is an extremely common mistake for all of us business owners. However, the day comes when you realize success can be in not taking on a new client and being honest with yourself and your team about what you can do and if you can truly make that client happy. We mold ourselves to fit with an array of clientele, but we would be lying if we said we work perfectly with every type of client. We don’t want to work with just anyone – we want to work with someone that feels we are a good fit and thinks we will make a great team, because once we are on your team – we will never stop working for you!
  5. Remember Your Worth. Everyone wants a discount and everyone wants you to do your job for less. They don’t understand the amount you pay in taxes, that this money is for your family, and that you work your bootie off everyday to live your best life not your richest life. Small Businesses don’t make the big bucks – let’s be real! We didn’t get into this for the money, but we have to be able to survive or we can’t continue to do what we love. We would discount for everyone (and we do customize packages) but we won’t work for free. We basically did work for free when we started as we quickly found out that based on the hours we were putting in, we were probably making $1 an hour. Good thing we were only employing ourselves or we could have been in trouble! haha!  We will always remember your worth as a client and although we always put the client first, this is a place where we need to remember our worth as well. Ultimately we just want to stay in business and get to live our dream of doing this forever – so unfortunately we have to charge for that! Sorry!!
  6. It Takes Two. We started this business together and we know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without each other. We have watched other companies not succeed and partnerships fail. We don’t want to fail and we work hard together every day to learn to work with each other the best we can for our business and for our clients. We have those difficult conversations with each other, we provide constructive criticism, and most importantly we provide each other with support. We know that we are unique in that we both attend weddings and that we work together for every event and we don’t want to change that. Of course we know that we can make a lot more if we split up and take on more weddings, but we don’t want that. We want to give each client our utmost attention and the only way we can ensure the best service possible is when we work together. We know that as a team we are unstoppable and can handle whatever task and we also know that most partnerships don’t last this long. We are unique and we do brag about that to our clients because we are proud of it. Neither of us did this alone – we did it together and there is no way one person could do this and make sure they gave each event their best self. We know we can, because we know we have each others help.
  7.   The wedding is ultimately about the marriage – always try to help the client remember that when things get tough. This is BY FAR the most important lesson of all. Help the client keep their eye on the prize! You are getting to marry your person – your lobster! You are so lucky to have found this one person that will be by your side and we never want you to forget how amazing and exciting that is. Not everyone can say that they have found their person – but you did! Celebrate that! It isn’t about the perfect dessert display, the chandeliers or the cafe lights, it’s about you two. We want to make sure you stay excited to marry your person and that this remains your focus. We absolutely want to give you the event of your dreams, and we will work every day, hour after hour, to give you whatever you want. However, we will also be there to tell you it’s ok if there isn’t room for that in the budget – that won’t make or break your day, because at the end of the day – you are going to be married to your person. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Thank you to each of our clients that let us learn and grow from each experience and wedding we planned with you. Thank you to each client and vendor that has believed in us over the past seven years. We are so lucky to have gotten to where we are today and we know that couldn’t have been done without you!


Kate and Sabine xoxo