Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

Honeymoons and Honeyfunds

I am always extremely jealous watching our couples rush off into their exit transportation and prepare to go on their honeymoon. I mean what could be better than having the wedding of your dreams and then going on the honeymoon/vacation of your dreams?! Here are some fabulous tips to plan the perfect honeymoon…

  1.  Don’t Put It Off. I have heard couples talk about wanting to wait to take their dream honeymoon. Maybe planning took over their time and bank account or they prefer vacationing at a different time of year (maybe you are a teacher – makes sense). Whenever you plan to take trip is up to you, but DON’T wait to plan it. If you wait… you may never go. Purchase the plane tickets and book the hotel or you could miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Also, we strongly encourage a minimoon (smaller vacation you should absolutely take following the wedding). Life always becomes busy and bank accounts could always look better, so don’t make excuses and prioritize yourselves! You have done so much planning and it’s time to celebrate – you deserve it!
  2. Pin The Planning On The Groom. Let’s face it – no matter how great your guy is and how involved he is in the planning, a majority of the planning tends to fall on the brides. I mean it makes sense – grooms generally don’t care about flowers, ambiance, and decor – so they tend to get out of a lot of the planning. So here’s the way to involve them and take one big thing off your plate. Let them plan the honeymoon! They are going to be so surprised on your wedding day at what a great job you did, so let them surprise you next with their honeymoon planning skills! This is something they can absolutely tackle and how amazing will it be to relax after the wedding and know that he has planned everything for your perfect get away!
  3. Let Guests Contribute to your honeyfund. Never heard of it? Well get ready – because it’s amazing! Some guests really want to give you a gift or an experience and this is the best way to do it! They can contribute directly to your honeymoon and make sure you get that perfect spa experience or have a romantic candlelight dinner.  Having the perfect honeymoon experience is certainly better than any china set or coffee pot – so consider having a honeyfund on your registry! Of course china sets are fabulous too – so having a one stop shop registry is the way to go!

We hope these tips helped you think a bit more about the importance of a honeymoon and planning ahead! You have put so much time and energy into planning the perfect day – so please don’t forget about self care and planning the perfect trip to celebrate your union!

Happy Planning and Honeymooning!


Kate & Sabine