2017 Fall Wedding Trends

Fabulous Fall Wedding Trends of 2017

Can you believe it?! Fall has ARRIVED! As I sit back in a comfy sweater and coffee while typing up this blog, I can’t help but smile. This is my absolute favorite time of year! I love everything about it! For our fabulous brides out there, nothing can really beat that perfect fall weather and I do love a bit of chill in the air and warming up to a fire. Not to mention, I can wear my hair down (hello – my Keratin is finally working now that the humidity is gone!!), I won’t get hot and sweaty if I want to bust out some of my amazing moves on the dance floor, and I must admit that a fantastic fur on a bride and a well fitted three piece suit on a groom always makes my heart skip a beat. Nothing beats dressing for fall…

That’s probably enough of me fawning all over fall… you get it! Haha! Let’s talk about the fabulous color trends that are happening right now and that I think will continue for years to come. These colors feel timeless to me and less trendy, which is what we are always encouraging our couples to consider. Trends are fun but your look must withstand the test of time. I recently was sent some amazing wedding color trends and felt encouraged and inspired to get this blog together so I could share them, because although these are trendy, these looks are also timeless.. So let’s get to it.

Navy & Marsala

Yes – yes – yes! This combination has me swooning and thinking about lush greenery, beautiful lighting and candle light to create a soft ambiance, and I really love berries and that rich Marsala color added to the decor pieces. Not to mention – that color looks fabulous on everyone and brings the perfect amount of color to just enhance the other neutrals in this palette. I mean, who doesn’t love wine? So you have to love Marsala.

A navy suit is everything – I have always been a huge fan and I think I will always be partial to it. I love the tie color and feel like it really allows the guys to stand out and look special without giving it that “bridal party” look that I think most current brides are trying to avoid. Basically – this is a suit and tie you can wear again and it doesn’t scream that you wore it in a wedding. This palette is fall – it defines fall – and I am obsessed.

Orange & Beige

Well this color palette just makes me think pumpkin spice and everything nice! If you are dreaming of a fall wedding but tend to veer away from dark colors and enjoy something a bit brighter – this is definitely the way to go. I love the beige suit with the neutral tie – I think it brings the right amount of sophistication and really lightens things up. Adding that pop of color in your flowers is always a great way to brighten the day and I could really see bridesmaids in any of these colors along the palette. This is a great reminder that fall doesn’t mean you have to use those dark rich colors and this really does reflect the perfect October soiree.

Plum & Grey

Seeing this trend makes me smile as this was the color palette we used in our very first inspiration shoot. This is just proof that these colors (if done correctly) are not just trendy and that gives me confidence you won’t regret this beautiful palette when you look back on your wedding 20 years from now. Grey is definitely the new black and it’s the number one color we see on our grooms and the groomsmen. One thing that I absolutely love about grey is that the guys can wear different shades of grey and look great all together. I have always had a thing for purple (especially a deep purple) – I just love it, but I have seen it used incorrectly and encourage you to use it sparingly. Focus on the beautiful neutrals in this palette and then allow that purple to come in and surprise your guests with a fabulous pop of it. Don’t overdo it – but use it in the perfect places and your guests will be breath taken by it’s beauty.

A big thanks to The Black Tux for getting me into the fall spirit and reflecting on the fabulous trends of the season. We have come a long way in the wedding world and I just love the sophistication and beauty in these current trends. I also LOVE how they guys style is so important now and there is nothing better than a guy in a great suit (especially one that fits well). It’s about time we gave our guys a little more love and attention on their wedding day, and I am so glad that they are stealing some of the focus because they can certainly look fabulous on the wedding day as well!

Cheers to Fall!

Kate & Sabine