Be Thankful

Finding The Best Ways to Thank Your Guests…

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it seemed appropriate to take a minute to say THANK YOU and reflect on how amazing our clients are, the fabulous vendors we get to work with regularly, and our families that support our work and all the crazy hours that go into it. We are SO lucky and we certainly know it – so from the bottom of our hearts – thank you for making our dream job a reality!

When planning a wedding and the tiny details – our couples never forget the importance of their family and friends. It is so important to make sure the day is not only a special one for you, the bride and groom, but also for each of your guests that will come and support your new beginning. We are asked by every couple what to do for a “favor.” We strongly believe that you don’t NEED a favor but we do know the importance and the strong impact of a simple thank you. Depending on budget, of course, you can do a fabulous gift or just a thoughtful thank you and handwritten note really goes a long way. Thank your guests for their support, the time and money they put into being there for you that day, and because without them your wedding day would look very different. Always remember to say thank you to everyone who played a part in making your day incredible – so thank each other, your team working hard to execute your dream day, and your amazing friends and family that love you endlessly and just want to be a part of your happy ending.

Here are some fun and fabulous ways to say thank you….

Personalize It

A pretty personalized place card that your guests can take with them and enjoy as a little decor piece in their home or office is the perfect touch. The guests at the weddings below LOVED their name plates and were so excited to take them home. These pretty statement pieces not only added to the decor but made each guest feel special.

A Special Note On your Program or Menu

I love when the couple adds a personalized thank you note to their guests on the back of their program, in place of a menu card, on the back of a menu card, or even a sweet note in a welcome bag. Your guests love when you take the time to do personal touches like this and it just adds to the decor! 

Cheers to Fabulous Friends and Family

I mean what better way to someone’s heart than through alcohol? haha! Most of us love a cocktail, a cold beer, or a shot of whiskey and couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you! We all know that we have a million koozies hanging around in kitchen drawers, but that NEVER stops us from taking another one! A huge fan favorite and something that never goes to waste. However, you could get a little more creative and do a special cheers and thank you to your guests, give them a little bottle of booze or champs to take with them at the end of the night, or give them a glass that’s theirs for the night and the end of time.

Let Love Grow

If you want an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that could last forever – maybe this is the way to go! Provide your guests with your favorite plant (usually a succulent is the perfect small token of appreciation AND super hard to kill) or seeds so that they can plant the perfect flower that will come back every year and remind them of your fabulous day. 

Picture Perfect

Photo booths may be around forever. They are super popular and basically everyone loves props and being goofy with their favorite people – so these are still a big hit. Your guests can get a complimentary photo strip and even better – you will get a copy of every photo as well. A picture is worth a thousand words and with a simple Thank You to your guests and your wedding date on the photo strip – you have given your guests a fun keepsake and have let them know that you are thankful for them!


A Simple Handwritten Thank You Note

You don’t need to provide your guests with any gifts or favors but you do need to thank them. That handwritten thank you note for their support, time, and of course the financial obligation to travel and attend goes a long way. This is the most cost effective thank you and the one that is the most appreciated, so please take time to do your thank you notes when you get back from the honeymoon! Also, don’t forget to thank each other, your bridal party, and your immediate family – they go through a lot during the planning process and deserve a special thank you!

Useful Keepsakes

Our sweet brides always think about their guests and wanting to provide them with something that is useful, a reflection of something that they love, and way to show appreciation. Here are a  couple of fun favors that guests really enjoyed…

Food For The Soul

Another easy way to your guests heart is with food! This is the number one preferred favor and something we rarely end up packing up at the end of the night. Whether you want to provide an assortment of desserts, something that shows off southern charm, or your favorite savory sweet – your guests will be sure to love these options as a thank you!