About Kate

Kate is originally from Chicago, but settled down in Charleston, SC, and like most others she has fallen head over heels for this city. She planned and celebrated her own wedding in Charleston which allowed her to begin networking with the most amazing venues and event services that the city has to offer. Kate has always had an undying love for interior decorating, creating new and unique ideas that allow room for a personalization, and of course the world of fashion. She has Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Community and Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Professional Certification in Wedding and Event Planning. She has professionally established herself in the counseling world and her ability to manage crisis situations and effectively communicate has been an asset in the event planning world as well. Kate finds accessory and shoe stores absolutely irresistible, loves a good dance off, traveling with her husband Josh, and of course her two dogs Max and Molly.



photo courtesy of Laura Olsen