10 Things Every Bride Should Have On Her Wedding Day

We couldn’t resist sharing this Fabulous article “10 Things… Every Bride Should Have On Her Wedding Day” from Wedding UK, enjoy!

1. A ‘right hand man’ (RHM)  ***Fabulous Fete add-on – OR hire a Day-Of Coordinator :-)

Your RHM doesn’t have to be a man: more likely it’s your chief bridesmaid or wedding planner . Whichever lucky soul has been nominated for the role will be in charge of sorting all of the little problems which crop up on the day (read: making sure you don’t have to deal with any of them).


2. Bobby pins

Whether you’re rocking a twirly-whirly up ‘do or a slick bun, bobby pins are a must. Regardless of your hairdresser’s skill, or the amount of hairspray let loose all over your bonce: the wind, dancing and excessive hugging mean a few pesky wisps are bound to break free. Classically, whenever you need a bobby pin you can never find them – so make sure you bring double, nay, triple supplies so as to make sure you can avoid any tendril dramas.


3. An evening dress

Even if you’re planning to wear your wedding dress all day long, it’s worth shopping around for a glamorous evening dress you also love, and having it to hand for the reception. That way, in a wedding dress emergency, you can whip it off and emerge resplendent in your backup gown like you’d planned it all along. If you don’t use it, you can always return it, or keep it for the honeymoon.


4. Waterproof mascara

If you cry regularly (over films, cute animals, spilt milk etc.) you probably already own a good waterproof mascara, but if not, it’s a sound investment for your wedding day. Emotions run high throughout the day and the champagne will be flowing freely, which can leave the bride feeling overwhelmed and dewy-eyed. Avoid those mascara streaks with Volum’ Express The Colossal by Maybelline.


5. The right deodorant

Test this well in advance of the big day, and bear in mind your regular deodorant might not cut the mustard where delicate white dresses are concerned. Opting for strapless? Don’t use anything which leaves powdery white marks, and, if you have sleeves, don’t use a deodorant which might rub off and leave patches on the material. When you’ve found something which works for you, apply liberally. After all, a nervous bride is a sweaty bride…


6. A needle and thread

…And someone who can use a needle and thread. Useful for all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions; after all, a stitch in nine does save time (or so we hear). If cousin Kate has put on a few pounds since the last bridesmaid dress fitting and popped all the buttons off of her gown, enter your nimble fingered seamstress to save the day.


7. Flat shoes

You’re probably in love with your gorgeous new bridal heels: white, encrusted with jewels and even red-soled! *Moment of reverential Louboutin silence.* “I’m never taking them off, ever!” you cry. But by the end of the night you will almost certainly change your mind in favor of busting your moves on the dance floor.


8. Sunscreen

Even if you’re getting married in the UK where the forecast is usually grey with a generous sprinkling of cloud, it’s still worth packing a decent SPF in the warmer months. What’s white, red and wed all over? An embarrassed bride who forgot to apply sunscreen, stood outside for pictures all day long, and now has lace tan lines to even out on her honeymoon.  See what we did there…?


9. Snacks

Jeez, looking fabulous all day long is hungry work, isn’t it? Keep some of your favorite snacks on hand to keep you going in between meals. We’d avoid anything with barbecue sauce…


10. Practical undies

With their strapless, backless, illusion neckline tendencies, a wedding dress is not your run of the mill outfit. Don’t assume your ol’ faithful nude bra will suffice on the day – and if you invest in a new strapless bra, don’t forget to give it a test run before the big day. Forget sexy first night lingerie in daylight hours; there’s always time for a quick change later. Seamless pants are the way forward with slinky dresses, or a whacking great pair of control pants. Think Bridget Jones does bridal.

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Fabulous Fete couple Cheri + Grant

We could go on for days about the extraordinary detail of Cheri and Grant’s Fabulous Fete!

Our stunning bride, Cheri, is an interior designer and it certainly showed in all aspects of this wedding and in each intimate and personal touch that she included throughout the ceremony and reception.

The Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation was the perfect setting for this couple! The venue was lit up with lanterns and chandeliers, and each centerpiece was handmade by our talented bride along with all of the floral décor. The customized cake could not have been more adorable and the couple could not have looked any happier! Love was certainly in the air and we could feel all the love and support that family and friends had for this one of a kind couple!

Below are a few teaser pictures from Hazel Eyes Photography, be sure to check out the gallery for more of our couple Cheri + Grant. Thanks again for letting us be a part of this amazing day – we couldn’t be happier for the two of you and your exciting news about a new addition coming to your family! Congrats!!!

Fabulous Fete_Cheri Weaver 19


Hazel Eyes, Fabulous Fete

Hazel Eyes, Fabulous Fete

Sara + Lou Featured on The Wedding Row

We are so excited about our couple Sara and Lou being featured on The Wedding Row!

Sara and Lou were the nicest, most easy going couple to work with, and we were so thrilled to be a part of their wedding day. The couple tied the knot overlooking the beautiful marsh at Mingo Point on Kiawah Island.  With stunning flowers from Tiger Lily & Whole Foods, the rustic decor paired with romantic cafe lighting and lanterns really came out beautifully.

As always, we were blown away by the talented photographer, Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, they really captured the couple’s sweet and fun loving personality.

Here is a sneak peek, but please check out the whole feature here or browse our gallery to see more pics of this special day.

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete


Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete


Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay, Fabulous Fete


The Rules Of Engagement

We couldn’t resist sharing this Fabulous article “The Rules of Engagement” from Wedding UK, enjoy!

Woohoo – you’re engaged! Once you’ve come down from the giddy highs which immediately follow post-proposal and you’re ready to let your nearest and dearest in on the good news, the biggest question yet unpopped is where to start? Who do you tell first, and how? Before you do anything, make sure you read our rules of engagement…

1. Family first

Although it’s your news to tell, the announcement of your engagement will mean a lot to those who love you, so think about who you want to know first. Children should be top priority, followed by parents, siblings and family. Close friends might also be hurt if they feel like they’re the last to know. Consider the people you care about the most: these are the ones who should know before the masses.

2. Surprise, surprise

A nice way to inform extended family or friends is to throw a dinner party or small gathering, then announce your engagement half way through – et volia! The party doubles as an engagement party. You can celebrate the good news, fill everyone in on the details of the proposal and fend off the ‘Have you set a date yet?’ questions all in one go.

3. Social media

Announcing your engagement on social media is no longer the social faux pas it once was. If you are someone who frequently uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s no reason not to share the happy news with your friends and followers in one go. Even the celebs are doing it. Whether you choose to post a photo of both of you, update your relationship status or snap a picture of the ring (see below), you can sit back safe in the knowledge a record number of ‘likes’ will be coming your way…

4. Nail it!

Ever noticed how the ‘candid’ engagement rings shots uploaded to social media sites show the bride-to-be’s nails looking as shiny and immaculate as the new ring she’s rocking? Never before have your fingers been under such scrutiny, so you’ll want to make sure your tips are in top shape and not dirty, chewed or chipped. Unless you’re polished to perfection all the time, we’d recommend squeezing in a quick manicure before taking that pic, as it’ll be one you look back on in years to come. But if you really can’t wait to share the news in the time it takes the varnish to dry, Instagram filters work wonders…

5. Formal notice

While social media is the dish of the day, the old ways still have their place, especially in a tradition orientated institution like marriage. Consider placing a notice in your local paper, or sending out written cards – any excuse to buy pretty stationery! Just make sure they are clearly marked as engagement notices and don’t get mixed up with wedding save the dates or invitations. It could be awkward if you’re sending them to someone who may not be invited to the wedding…

For more from Weddings UK check out their amazing website!

Fabulous Fete couple Jessica + Stephen

What more can we say about our Fabulous couple Jessica & Stephen?

Sewee Preserve was the perfect venue for this couple, from the laid-back feel to the kid-friendly garden game atmosphere, the entire day was a success.

You could feel the love as Jessica walked down the aisle in her Gown Boutique of Charleston dress, with nature and amazing touches from the bride & Ooh Events! surrounding them, their wedding day was magical.

Below are a few teaser pictures from Loren Routhier, be sure to check out the gallery for more of our couple Jessica + Stephen – and thanks again for including us on your amazing day!

Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete

Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete


Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete

Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete


Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete

Loren Routhier Photography, Fabulous Fete



The 8 Guests No Bride Needs

This week’s Blog post “The 8 Guests No Bride Needs” comes from Wedding UK, we love those English gals!


Because you can’t choose your family and you can’t help your friends, here’s how to minimize any nuptial negativity…

1.  The just-divorced

You’re not sure which was worse, the tears over the divorce documents or the new post break-up empowerment which is less heartbroken and more never-be-broken-again. Now you’re worried she’ll spend the day snickering at the vows and encouraging the rest of the congregation to leave their good-for-nothing husbands.

Michele Paradise says: “Recruit a mutual friend with an optimistic view of life who’ll encourage her to enjoy the celebrations. Your wedding will bring back memories, so ask one of the ushers to give her a little extra attention and distract her from her own emotions in a positive way.”


2.  The sexy singleton

She might be a little focused on the male side of life but she’s one of your closest allies. Still, there have been a couple of incidents which are making you question her bridesmaid motives; first she wanted to team the hen do with the stags, then she tried to organize a singles’ table at the reception, and now she’s questioning whether she can have the neckline of her dress altered. Oh my…

Michele says: “Give her a role which uses her social skills as a benefit, perhaps she could be the meet-and-greet bridesmaid? This way she gets to talk to all the single men without being obvious and embarrassing. But do take her off the hen do committee, pronto.”


3.  The playboy usher

You’ve had to console many a heartbroken girl he’s left behind in the past and now your young cousin is showing signs of a crush, saying he looks just like her favorite telly presenter, Dermot O’Leary. How are you going to keep your favorite females safe from his charms?

Michele says: “If you don’t tell people how you feel about their behavior, you can’t expect them to change. Gently warn him you have some younger family members who are slightly impressionable and point him in the direction of the older female guests who’ll be looking for a young man to dance with. Guide his charm towards those who won’t get hurt.”


4.  The scene-stealer

She’s your baby sister but from the second you asked her to be a bridesmaid she hasn’t made it easy. You told her to wear lavender and she insisted on salmon pink, you suggested knee-length and she opted for maxi. Now she wants to sing at the reception, which would be fine, if you weren’t so used to her stealing the limelight…

Michele says: “You need to be covert with her or you risk fueling the fire. Ask a friend to keep her in check, ensure the photographer doesn’t allow her to be center stage in the pictures and remember this is your day and you will be the star of the show.”


5.  The bride (smaid)

She’s the bridesmaid who wants to be the bride and since you announced your engagement she’s bombarded you with supplier contacts and favor ideas. Friends are calling her a ‘bridesmaid-zilla’ because she’s organised three hen dos, a bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner. Most recently she talked you into letting her wear a white dress – à la Pippa Middleton – and now you’re having visions of her saying ‘I do’ instead of you.

Michele says: “It’s important to stay positive, but also lay down the law. Thank her for her help but then calmly tell her you need to make key decisions alone with your groom. If she does try to stage-manage you on your big day, turn a deaf ear and keep smiling.”


6.  The professional flower girl

When your mother-in-law said you had to have her great-niece as your flower girl you thought it would be a nice touch. But then you discovered Amelia-Grace has been a flower girl five times already and has learnt a thing or two. She’s demanding to have her hair styled, refusing to wear the dress you bought for her and won’t sprinkle petals down the aisle because “that’s for babies…”

Michele says: “Start by bolstering her ego, telling her how much you’d love her to be part of the day and because she has been a flower girl before, only she will know how to carpet the aisle with petals. Narrow down the dress to a choice between two options, which she can make the final call on. She might be getting what she wants, but so will you.”


7.  The best joker

His best man has been a key witness to your relationship, through all of your highs and lows. But now he’s looking for speech fodder and teasing you about sharing some of the funnier moments in his speech – with video evidence for extra entertainment. While you’re left worrying it might be too much for your dear old man to hear.

Michele says: “Take him for a coffee and explain that although he’s seen the good, the bad and the ugly of your relationship, this wedding isn’t just about the two of you – it’s about your extended families coming together. There’s no guarantee he will listen. If he doesn’t, simply smile sweetly and let it roll over you on the day.”


8.  The groom’s best girl friend

It doesn’t help that she’s beautiful. But, looks aside, his childhood friend has never held back when it comes to laying claim on your man, from borrowing his jacket to squeezing her way into cozy pictures. So, how are you going to make sure this wedding is between the two – rather than three – of you?

Michele says: “Recruit an usher who can intercept her when she heading over to talk to your groom, ask the photographer to ensure she is moved away from him in the pictures and try your hardest not to notice.”

For more from Weddings UK check out their amazing website!

Sequin Stunners

Winter weddings are a perfect excuse for some serious glitz, and these chilly temperatures are making us think BLING!

It’s no secret that we have a love for metallic textures and sparkle. There is something about metallic and sequins, where we feel like it’s the perfect amount of sparkle that can make a wedding look stunning without looking tacky.

CZs can look cheap or overdone at times but there is nothing fake about metallics and/or sequins, they are what they are, and they do the perfect job of catching your eye.

A touch of this metallic madness can really be complimentary to any bride and almost any wedding colors you are working with. We know you have seen our Plum Perfection Photos but we wanted to send more sequin stunners your way.  Enjoy!







Transportation and Planning your Exit

Transportation always poses a lot of questions for couples when planning their wedding. Should you provide transportation for your guests and what would be a fun option for you to arrive in and depart in on your wedding day? Transportation for your guests is a luxury and something that they are sure to appreciate, especially if you are planning a destination wedding or if your ceremony and reception are in two different locations. However, you must remember that no one expects you to provide them with this, but they appreciate the gesture if it falls within your planned budget.

In terms of your transportation, this is certainly a must. The last thing that you want to worry about is transportation and you want to make sure that it is comfortable and you can even have a lot of fun with planning your exit in a fun mode of transportation. We are here to help you explore all of those options and we can certainly tell you that there are tons of fun options in Charleston! We love it when couples have fun with their exit and it really makes for some great photographs that can capture the essence of the whole night and a wonderful ending to the evening.

Check out our pinterest board to see some alternative exits and contact us to learn more about your transportation options and how to plan for a fabulous exit or consider contacting one of the great transportation companies in the area to help get you started right now!

Shannon Noel Photography, Fabulous Fete


Studio Mynt, Fabulous Fete


Fabulous Fete, Amy-Marie Kay Photography

Fabulous Fete couple Lauren + Bucky

What more can we say about our Fabulous couple Lauren & Bucky?

Beth at Wildflowers Inc didn’t disappoint with the succulent-sprinkled bouquet to the peony centerpieces, the bridesmaids looked stunning in their ivory lace dresses which echoed the lace runners, and the couple’s Arizona roots & love of vino showed with their wine barrel accents and decor.

Below are a few teaser pictures from Philip at Studio 1250, be sure to check out the gallery for more of Lauren & Bucky!


Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete

Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete


Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete

Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete


Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete

Studio 1250, Fabulous Fete




Fabulous Fete couple Karanda + Bill

What more can we say about our Fabulous couple Karanda & Bill?

From the stunning black-center anemones in the bride’s bouquet from Sara York Grimshaw Designs to the delicous spread from Hamby Catering, the entire evening was a success!

Below are a few teaser pictures from Marni Rothschild, be sure to check out the gallery for more of Karanda & Bill!

Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete

Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete


Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete

Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete


Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete

Marni Rothschild, Fabulous Fete



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