Sweet Style

It is no secret that the traditional wedding cake is slowly starting to sizzle away and become a tradition of the past. We are beginning to see this for many reasons and it is definitely becoming more popular to have a small cake to cut for tradition and have alternative sweets for your guests. Although wedding cakes can be absolutely stunning, it is often a pretty pricey centerpiece. Modern brides are choosing colorful candy displays, locally represented desserts, cupcakes, and the list of sweet possibilities is endless. Here are a couple of tips to begin your candy creation…

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Samantha + Jon Featured On Borrowed and Blue

We are so excited about our feature on Borrowed and Blue. Samantha and Jon were the most fun loving couple we could ever ask for and how can you not love their furry guests of honor? We were so thrilled to be a part of their wedding day! The couple tied the knot at the cute and quaint chapel at Tidewater and danced the night away, making sure that the fun never ended!  As always, we are blown away by the talented photographer, Reese Moore, as she really captured the couple’s sweet and fun loving personality. Here is a sneak peek, but please check out the whole feature here or browse our gallery to see more pics of this special day.

Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete

Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete


Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete

Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete

Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete


Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete


Reese Moore Weddings, Fabulous Fete




Marie + Charlie Featured On The Wedding Row

We are SO excited to share a May wedding of ours that was just featured on The Wedding Row.  We had a blast working with this fabulous couple and helping them bring their (Maria’s) wedding ideas to life.  Can you believe she had never been to a wedding before?  The ceremony took place at the Legare Waring Home under the Alley of Oaks with the reception following at Founders Hall.  She just couldn’t decide between the two venues – so chose both!

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Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

There are beautiful displays at a wedding and then there are some not so beautiful displays at a wedding. Some of the displays that aren’t so stunning – are the one’s that may come out of the mouth of the bride or maybe be the result of trying to save money without considering the potential consequences. We are here to help you veer away from those common mistakes and let you in on some things that your guests may want you to know.

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Wedding Myths

This week bring you our Top Wedding Myths of all time – enjoy!  

Guests should spend on the wedding gift the same amount as the per-person cost of the reception

Guests should spend according to their personal relationship with the bride and/or groom and their financial situation. The closer you are the more you may wish to spend; (hopefully) the couple is inviting you because they want to spend this special day with you, not because they want a present from you.

Guests want party favors to take home from the reception

Don’t waste money on candles, bottle stoppers, picture frames, or other knick knacks that turn into clutter.  The best favors are edible ones like locally made chocolates, useful ones like seedlings or herbs to plant, or meaningful ones like making a donation to a charity in lieu of party favors.

You can ask for money as a gift

Although some couples come up with creative ways to ask for money, the truth of the matter is that it is rude and implies that the guest is required to give a gift.  The couple can’t ask for cash, but there are ways to increase your chances at getting money instead of presents.  People will ask your bridal party and close friends and family for your registry information and the easiest thing to do is have them say “They’re registered at ABC but I also know that  they are saving for a down payment on a house/honeymoon/bathroom renovation.”

The number of bridesmaids must equal the number of groomsmen

Why? Who is counting? The only pro for this wedding myth is that wedding photos will look a little more even.  Equal amounts is not mandatory, this is your wedding day, choose whoever you want to be a part of your wedding, all men, all ladies, even all children if that is what you decide.

Barbie + Brian Featured On The Wedding Row

Congratulations to our Fabulous couple Barbie + Brian for being featured on The Wedding Row today!  We had an amazing time with this couple and truth be told we just couldn’t stop laughing all day!  Everything came together wonderfully and they are just so happy together, it was very rewarding for Fabulous Fete to work with a couple like Barbie and Brian.  

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day!  For the entire post click here or to visit their Fabulous Fete gallery click here

Newest Wedding Photo Trend!

We are OBSESSED with this latest wedding photo trend!

Only problem is… It looks really time-consuming for the photographer!

Fabulous Fête couple Erin + John

When Erin came to us for help planning her wedding at the Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation, we couldn’t of been more thrilled!  

She had an amazing vision, and come on – we can’t get over how beautiful this couple is!

The photos by Nuvo Images really let their love shine through, we were so happy to be a part of their big day – congratulations to our Fabulous Fête couple Erin and John!

Below are a few teaser pictures, or click here to view the entire gallery – enjoy!

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Fabulous Fête couple Jordan + Luke

This week we bring you our Fabulous Fête couple Jordan + Luke!

We had to wait until his wedding day to meet the groom, but our time planning the wedding with Jordan was a blast – we love this girl!  Her bubbly personality and carefree attitude really shined through all her pictures – congratulations again you two!

Check out a few teaser pictures below from Chi Photography, and their entire gallery here!

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Wing It OR Get A Wedding Planner?

You may be thinking we are a little biased in regards to this topic, but the truth is, some people can do it on their own and need very little assistance and some people think they can do it on their own and save money but they very quickly learn that the amount of stress, research, and hard work needed to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget is not as easy as they once thought it was. It comes down to one question that should be easy to answer…

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