Penny Pinching Programs

Programs can be an important part of your wedding day because you get an opportunity to acknowledge your wedding party, any loved ones that you want to remember, give thanks to your guests, and it gives the information about the ceremony that you worked so hard on for so many months! They can be a beautiful and sentimenal touch to your ceremony and some find them to be a great keepsake. Some think that they are a waste of time and money that can be used elsewhere, which is absolutely fine too! However, if you want a program and you are feeling

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5 Wedding Details Brides Might Not Think About

Are you a seasoned wedding guest veteran?  Do you ever notice little things that could of been better or avoided at a wedding?  We have seen it all, and by planning our brides’ weddings we make sure these details are thought of and taken care of so there are no hiccups the day of.

1.  Photographer needs a seat too! Remember that your photographer typically stays with you most of the day, from hair/makeup all the way ’til the final exit in the Rolls or the last coupe de champagne has been drunk.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling from a ceremony site to your reception with your bridal party, you will want your photographer with you, so when planning a limo or other transportation include them in your numbers.  Believe us, you will want those great pictures on the trolley.

2.  The headless guest.  Either when you are discussing centerpieces with your decor designer or florist, or once they have some mock ups for you to review, remember to make sure guests are able to see the other guests across the table from them.  There is nothing worse than being seated at a table with family and friends you can’t wait to catch up with and you can’t see their head across the table.

3.  Dress bustling stopwatch.  Decide early on at what point during your day you will want your dress bustled.  Then, depending on how intricate your dress is, you may have to enlist more than one bridesmaid to help you.  Make sure they are aware they will be helping you in case you see them veering to the bar for their second vodka tonic, looking for those tiny hooks requires some sobriety. If your dress is really detailed – like 6 layers of lace – it could take up to 15 minutes to get your dress bustled.  Keep that in mind when planning your wedding timeline!

4.  Vendor meal insight.  Take a close look when signing your vendor contracts, especially your entertainers and your photographer.  They may require a meal while working your wedding and if you are having a $100/plate dinner these could add up quick.  Remember to clarify any of the vendor requests before signing anything so you are prepared.  You can also contact your caterer to ask about less expensive meal options for them.  Also have a discussion with the vendors about when they typically take their meal, for the photographer it should be while guests are eating but not during speeches.  Band/DJ should be before the intros and entertainment begin, but after they set up.

5.  The fainting bridesmaid.  Feed your girls.  They have most likely been dieting just like you and the day of your wedding isn’t the day for a handful of grapes to sustain the walk down and back up that aisle.  Have wraps, salads, fruit, cheese – anything you want – for your bridesmaids (and you!!) to eat while you are all getting ready.

New Must-Have Wedding Phone Apps for Brides

Technology is always impacting our lives, and it’s nothing different when you are planning your wedding!  See below for the newest wedding-related apps for iPhone, iPad, and usually Android.

OurWeddingUsher.  This app offers personal usher services for every guest who downloads the app and answers questions about the couple, gives directions to the venue, provides list of things to do in the area for out of town guests, and much more…

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Choosing Between Cocktails or The Camera

We typically hear from our wedding couple that they want to make the picture part of the evening as quick as possible so that they can get back to their cocktail hour. We totally get it! You just want to share this time with your family and friends and not spend your whole day posing for photos. Trust me, no one wants you to miss your entire wedding reception, but don’t rush something that will last forever. Check out Megan and Jeff, our fabulous bride and groom that did not make their cocktail hour but look what they have to show for it…

Budgeting For Beauty

After all of the hard work that you have put into your wedding day, do you think it’s wise to start getting frugal when it comes to your day of appearance? When it comes down to it, if you don’t think you look good… you won’t feel good. So, my friends, you ask – how do you get that flawless look without forking over tons of cash?

1. Beauty School Drop Out 

Now, you don’t have to do anything drastic like going to cosmetology school, buy why not take a couple lessons

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The Engagement Ring Lowdown

So you’ve been dating the man of your dreams, and you guys have talked future, houses, babies, the whole thing. You haven’t gone ring shopping, but you’ve been doing some online exploring of your own…  sound familiar?  Me too.

First, learn your gemstone shapes.  Round, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Square, Radiant, Cushion, Trilliant, Emerald, Princess, and Heart.  Which do you prefer, which do you hate?

The Four C’s.  Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat are all things you have to become familiar with when looking at engagement rings.

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Cutting The List Means Cutting The Cost

Creating and editing your wedding guest list may be your most difficult task throughout this whole process. It is a daunting duty that raises a lot of questions and often times can lead to arguments if it is not handled properly. By setting guidelines from the get go and by being open and honest you can avoid this and be ten steps ahead of the average bride.

Clearly, by cutting the guest list you will be cutting the cost, but how on earth do you tell people that they aren’t invited? The answer is rather simple but does need some preparation. Set those guest list guidelines and

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Advice Without A Price

The main purpose of our blog is to help make the wedding process less stressful and to ultimately save you a buck. We all know how expensive this industry is and we are always looking for new ways to keep you on budget while getting everything you want and are always on the prowl for the best deal. Our advice saves you money however… sometimes the best advice comes without a price.

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10 Ways To Save On Invitations

1.  Forgo upgrades.  Envelope liners, custom ink colors, & hand-painted details add up!

2.  Take advantage of technology.  Offset and digital printing run less than half the cost of labor-intensive techniques like engraving and letterpress.

3.  Order extras.  Spend now, save later… If you end up needing to print additional invites at the last minute, your stationer might charge you big bucks in rush fees.  You will want extras for yourself and family members may ask for an extra copy to frame so you won’t be wasting money!

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10 Ways To Save On Flowers

1.  Research budget blooms – consider an affordable, year-round flower such as roses, stock flowers, chrysanthemums, and carnations.

2.  Let them do double duty – reuse your ceremony flowers at the reception

3.  Go “monobotanical” – use just one type of flower for the centerpieces and bouquets, the look is stunning and cost-effective.  You will get a better deal if your florist can purchase flowers in bulk.

4.  Be flexible – Don’t insist on specific flowers, instead tell your florist the colors and look you want to allow her to consider the most budget-friendly options.

5.  Use bigger blooms – In season, fluffy-headed blooms such as hydrangeas and peonies can stretch a budget, since you only need a few to fill a vase or bouquet.

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