Ann-Whitney + Scott Featured On The Wedding Row

We are excited to share a recent wedding of ours that was featured on The Wedding Row. We had the honor and pleasure of working with this fabulous couple and helping them bring their wedding ideas to life. The ceremony took place at the Confederate Home and College and the reception was held at Harborside East. It was a beautiful March day and the bride’s dress was out of this world and all of the details came together fabulously!

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Fabulous Fete’s “Lace Inspired” Inspiration Shoot featured on The Wedding Row

After thinking long and hard about what we wanted our next Inspiration Shoot theme to be – the answer was lace! When the Spoleto USA headquarters at 14 George Street asked for help, we knew it was a match. We loved the vintage lace feel mixed with the rustic table and elegant dishware… Plus the dresses were amazing!

Here are a few teaser pictures…

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Fabulous Fête Wins 2013 WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards

Charleston, SC – January 22, 2013 – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading online wedding marketplace, is thrilled to announce that Fabulous Fête has been selected as a winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards® 2013 for Wedding Planning in Charleston, SC!

The esteemed annual awards program recognizes the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness

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2013 Wedding Invitation Trends

Your invitations set the tone for your event.  Are you southern and traditional? Modern and minimalist? Rustic and a naturalist?  Once you have pinned down the concept for your wedding and you have a direction – you are ready to look into invitations.  Remember that Save the Date cards are now practically mandatory with people’s lives being so hectic they want to plan ahead, and especially with destination weddings becoming so popular!  Keep in mind the Save the Dates should go with the same concept as the invites, they don’t have to match by any means, but they should go along with the concept and not against it…

Below are five 2013 Wedding Invitation Trends … enjoy!

Rustic concept = Wood wedding invitations.  Each invite is mounted on a piece of hand-carved cedar. These are some serious tree-hugging, nature-loving invitations that will stun your guests…



Whimsical concept = Folk Art invitations.  Each invite has a hand-painted feel with whimsical designs & drawings that reflect you, your groom, and your story.  Adorable!



Retro concept = Story invitations.  Couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding invitations and are adding a sense of humor about it all.  This story style invitation lets your wedding guests in on how you met, what your life has been like together up to this point and then of course the info about the wedding day. These retro designs are a fun way to add a twist to the regular old wedding invite and brings some personality to the paper project.



Modern concept = Minimalist invitations.  Fitting for an urban loft venue, an old factory space or if the “less is more” motto fits your wedding design – you should consider going with an understated and clean styled invitation.



Southern/traditional concept = Handkerchief invitations.  If a traditional southern wedding is what you are going for then you can stop looking for your invitation because we have the winner right here. These amazing handkerchief invites scream southern charm and are something your wedding guests will soon not forget. Screen printed right onto cotton handkerchiefs, these invites are one of the hottest trends out there for any couple looking to step outside of the limited paper invitation world.



Top Wedding Trends of 2012

Well, it looks like we need to begin wrapping up 2012 and can start looking forward to all of our fabulous brides of 2013. However, before we do that – we must take a look back on all of our fab fav’s of 2012. This year has been amazing and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the phenomenal vendors that we have worked with and the beautiful couples that have come our way. It has been a great year thanks to all of you and it’s hard not to look back on this year of fabulousness with a smile knowing that we have the best jobs and the best brides! Of all the blogs, magazines, and unique visions and ideas that have been sent our way, we can narrow it down to our top 5 favorite wedding trends of 2012. So here they are…
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Warming Up To Winter Weddings

As the air begins to get cold and our wardrobes have fully changed to accommodate our winter weather, we can’t help but to focus on winter wedding trends. As we have mentioned in numerous blogs prior to this, the best way to keep your heart happy and warm, is to get the venue of your dreams at half the cost. The only way to do that and keep your wedding on a weekend, is to begin thinking of a winter wedding. There are so many advantages to a winter wedding, as it is much more cost effective, and it really allows you to think outside of the “normal”

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Twisting Tradition

Turning away from tradition can bring unique flair to your wedding day. So many brides feel that they have to follow a traditional timeline, but in reality it’s your day and you can do whatever you want! We have some fun new ideas for you to consider to helpmake your wedding day memorable and really stick out compared to the average wedding you have attended. We always remind our brides that you get one day to do whatever you want,

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Wedding Registry Alternatives

For some couples the idea of heading to the nearest big box retailers to spend an entire weekend scanning everything from hand towels to coffee spoons is more of a nightmare than a dream.  For those couples we have 6 wedding registry alternatives that can be set up entirely from the comfort of your own home.

1.  Deposit a gift.  This is a cash registry service that allows couples to create a gift list for monetary contributions. Couples can list any type of gift they want, from a fund to save up for a new car to those Egyptian cotton

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Penny Pinching Programs

Programs can be an important part of your wedding day because you get an opportunity to acknowledge your wedding party, any loved ones that you want to remember, give thanks to your guests, and it gives the information about the ceremony that you worked so hard on for so many months! They can be a beautiful and sentimenal touch to your ceremony and some find them to be a great keepsake. Some think that they are a waste of time and money that can be used elsewhere, which is absolutely fine too! However, if you want a program and you are feeling

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5 Wedding Details Brides Might Not Think About

Are you a seasoned wedding guest veteran?  Do you ever notice little things that could of been better or avoided at a wedding?  We have seen it all, and by planning our brides’ weddings we make sure these details are thought of and taken care of so there are no hiccups the day of.

1.  Photographer needs a seat too! Remember that your photographer typically stays with you most of the day, from hair/makeup all the way ’til the final exit in the Rolls or the last coupe de champagne has been drunk.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling from a ceremony site to your reception with your bridal party, you will want your photographer with you, so when planning a limo or other transportation include them in your numbers.  Believe us, you will want those great pictures on the trolley.

2.  The headless guest.  Either when you are discussing centerpieces with your decor designer or florist, or once they have some mock ups for you to review, remember to make sure guests are able to see the other guests across the table from them.  There is nothing worse than being seated at a table with family and friends you can’t wait to catch up with and you can’t see their head across the table.

3.  Dress bustling stopwatch.  Decide early on at what point during your day you will want your dress bustled.  Then, depending on how intricate your dress is, you may have to enlist more than one bridesmaid to help you.  Make sure they are aware they will be helping you in case you see them veering to the bar for their second vodka tonic, looking for those tiny hooks requires some sobriety. If your dress is really detailed – like 6 layers of lace – it could take up to 15 minutes to get your dress bustled.  Keep that in mind when planning your wedding timeline!

4.  Vendor meal insight.  Take a close look when signing your vendor contracts, especially your entertainers and your photographer.  They may require a meal while working your wedding and if you are having a $100/plate dinner these could add up quick.  Remember to clarify any of the vendor requests before signing anything so you are prepared.  You can also contact your caterer to ask about less expensive meal options for them.  Also have a discussion with the vendors about when they typically take their meal, for the photographer it should be while guests are eating but not during speeches.  Band/DJ should be before the intros and entertainment begin, but after they set up.

5.  The fainting bridesmaid.  Feed your girls.  They have most likely been dieting just like you and the day of your wedding isn’t the day for a handful of grapes to sustain the walk down and back up that aisle.  Have wraps, salads, fruit, cheese – anything you want – for your bridesmaids (and you!!) to eat while you are all getting ready.

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