Why Do I Need Day-Of Help

Day-Of coordinators are crucial in ensuring that your wedding day will go off flawlessly. Sometimes the easier question to ask is – why do you think you do not need a planner?

Planning a wedding is stressful, but executing the wedding and being a bride or family member can be overwhelming. We don’t want to see any couple’s day ruined due to stress or anxiety. You only get one wedding and we want to make sure that it is nothing short of Fabulous!

We become responsible for the following things so that you can relax and enjoy what matters the most – your friends, family, and new spouse!

  • Calling, confirming, and coordinating vendor services, arrival, and departure times.
  • Creating your timeline and floor plan and sending to your vendors
  • Welcoming the vendors as they arrive to the venue
  • Coordinating all the vendors the day of your wedding
  • Receiving the rentals and setting them up along with the linens
  • Creating/setting out centerpieces and décor
  • Setting up your favors, guest book, seating cards, pictures, etc.
  • Coordinating the ceremony – order of attendants, cueing the music, etc.
  • Keeping you and your bridal party on time and on schedule
  • Keeping the vendors on time and on schedule on your wedding day
  • Filling up a car with your gifts, guest book, leftover favors, cards, items brought to your wedding
  • Breaking down and cleaning up after all the vendors have left to ensure you receive your deposit back

A lot of couples choose to have an Aunt, Cousin, Mom, etc. help them out with some of these tasks. Unfortunately, they can’t be as prepared as a professional wedding planner and they don’t get the opportunity to enjoy being a guest.

Hiring a Day-Of Coordinator gives you piece of mind that everything will go the way you planned plus remove any stress from your family and friends as well.

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed, we don’t want you to stress, and we don’t want you to worry about how things are going to go.  We are professional wedding planners who make sure the entire day goes as planned – and when it doesn’t (i.e. unavoidable gust of wind knocks over ceremony arrangement) – you would never know because we would take care of it immediately!

We are prepared for the unexpected and want to make sure that you will be getting hitched without a hitch!

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