Why Do I Need a Full Planner

Why do I need a wedding Planner?

Have you ever planned a wedding before?  Most of us haven’t.  A lot of time and energy goes into planning a wedding and knowing all of your options and the best vendors for your needs and budget is impossible. Google has a lot of answers but it doesn’t have all the answers! Having someone by your side and helping you create a theme and idea for your wedding day, provide you with the best vendors, and most importantly execute all of your ideas is the most important role that we play. Now a days hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury but more a necessity.

Let’s start at the surface …

Have you started looking at venues?  There are TONS!  Let’s pretend you want to attempt this wedding planning on your own without any professional help…  So you go on Google and do a Charleston venue search, you come up with a list you think are options.  But you aren’t sure if you have exhausted your options, but you are hoping you have.  “Are there places I don’t know about?” you ask yourself.  The answer is yes, but you don’t realize that yet.

So then you contact the venues on your list to set up appointments and you find out – they don’t do tours on the weekends because of all the events happening there – you have to come on a weekday!  Awesome, you think, I have to take a day off of work.  So you set up all the appointments, and you and your fiancé get in the car and head out for a day that is sure to end with a picked venue… right?  You have just taken an entire work day to drive all around Charleston and you have only visited 5 venues and you don’t like any of them.  Sigh.

So let’s do the math on how much time you have spent – JUST looking at venue options …

Google venue search – 3 hours

Contacting all the venues to set up a time to visit – 1 hour

Visiting venues on day off – 8 hours

Total: 12 hours

Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics (nerd alert!), we know the 2012 average hourly wage is close to $20 in the Charleston area.  That means you have already spent $240 in time JUST looking for a venue – can you imagine how much time you will spend planning this ENTIRE wedding?

On average a wedding takes 150-200 hours to plan, and most people have other things going on, so if you don’t want to create a second job for yourself, we HIGHLY suggest hiring a wedding planner – the price of a peace of mind is priceless, but for you we make it affordable!