Paper wedding decor: tips and ideas for the celebration

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Paper wedding decor

Paper wedding decor: tips and ideas for the celebration

Paper wedding decor does not lose its position from year to year thanks to its simplicity, originality and low cost. If you do not have the opportunity to order complex and expensive decorations from a professional, you can easily create a colorful and unique decor by yourself. All you need is a few rolls of special paper from which you can create amazing compositions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from girlfriends and the groom: in a large and cheerful company you can create the necessary decorations much faster, and your relatives will be pleased to take part in the wedding preparations.

The benefits of paper wedding decorations

Paper decorations will allow you to make your wedding unique, because you can come up with your own decorations, combine them with each other and create a unique design. The website about weddings is sure that paper decor has many more significant advantages:

  • You can save a significant portion of your budget, as paper wedding decor will cost you very little.
  • You can create your own paper decorations, which will allow you to feel even more involved in the celebration and show your creativity. And, to create paper flowers or garlands, you don’t need any serious creative skills: it’s enough to watch a few video master classes so that you can have beautiful decorations.
  • Paper wedding decorations with the help of volumetric flowers, fans and garlands will help to disguise the pale and boring walls of the banquet hall.
  • From paper, you can create decorations in any color scheme, so they are suitable for a celebration in any palette.

Paper wedding decor

The portal for lovers sure that the paper decoration of the celebration for a long time will be in demand among newlyweds. So what options for paper decorations can you use to decorate your celebration?

Wedding flowers from paper

Decorating weddings with paper flowers is one of the most favorite ways to decorate the festive space. Paper wedding flowers can come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to fit such decorations into any style of wedding.

Volumetric buds are suitable for decorating the walls of the banquet hall, as well as chairs and tables. Paper flowers for the bride and bridesmaids are often used in photo shoots, which allows the photographer to take quite original pictures.

If you like the decoration of the wedding with volumetric paper flowers, you can decorate the wedding arch for the exit registration with them. These decorations will cost you significantly less than fresh flowers, and you do not have to worry about the freshness of the floral arrangements. If you are worried that the wedding arch, made of paper flowers, can lose its presentable appearance because of the weather, you can use special paper, for example, foiled, which is not afraid of moisture.

Garlands of paper

You can also decorate the celebration with paper garlands, which you can easily make yourself from hearts, circles, triangles, cranes, doves, etc. Such decorations can be used both in the banquet hall and at the exit registration.

Paper letters

Letters for a wedding photo session made of paper can become an excellent accessory for a banquet as well: they can decorate the wall behind the table of newlyweds or their main table.

You can make paper letters by special layouts and templates, which you can easily find on the Internet. For such decor elements, it is best to use thick paper, which will not crumple. In addition, you can use a cardboard base to create volumetric accessories.

Paper fringe

Paper fringe is widely used by newlyweds to create a bright and stylish decor. To make it is quite simple: you should cut thin strips of paper, combining them into bundles, or hang long strips garland, in which the right and left sides will be finely cut, which will create a fringe effect. You can decorate the photo area, the wall at the table of the newlyweds, the ceiling, chairs, etc. with such decorations.

Paper swirls

In the decoration of a summer wedding, you can use paper turntables, which you can make yourself out of paper. Children will be especially delighted with such decorations, because such elements of decor can be used as an entertaining toy for your young guests.

Paper pompoms

Another way to decorate the celebration is the use of stylish paper pompoms. The most beautiful look such decorations in the decoration of the ceiling of the banquet hall, creating a festive mood at the banquet.

Paper wedding decor

Paper fans

Paper fans look colorful and perky in the wedding decor. They can be used both for decorating the check-out to create an interesting backdrop, and for decorating the banquet.

Paper decorative elements with their own hands

Decorating the wedding hall with paper accessories will require from you a minimum of physical and financial expenses, as you can make such decorations yourself. For making it, you need paper, glue and scissors. Moreover, some elements, such as large wedding flowers can be made from colored paper, as well as from newspapers!

To make large paper flowers, you need to cut out a large number of petals of different sizes. Each of them should give volume with the help of scissors, making the petals not straight but slightly curved. Next, you will need to gather all the petals together, starting from the larger and ending with smaller ones. You can fasten the composition with glue or a needle with thread. Wedding flowers made of paper can be supplemented with a small heart to make them look as natural as possible.

The decoration of the reception and the wedding hall with flowers and other accessories made of paper is very popular with newlyweds who have a limited budget. However, such decorations can also be present at the most expensive and exclusive celebration. If you really want to put your hand into creating a festive atmosphere, don’t be afraid to realize your creative ideas: make decorations in the tone of your celebration and decorate the festive space with them!