Top 8 ideas for winter wedding decor

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Top 8 ideas for winter wedding decor


The gentle and flowing lace and silk are being replaced by warm and cozy velvet. Many brides fear that it will weigh down the decor or individual elements of images, but this can be avoided by otherwise using light and airy details and materials, delicate flowers, pastel colors.

Elements of wedding invitations from velvet – ribbons that can be tied envelopes or velvet lining envelopes – will set the general tone and become a connecting thread of all the style of the wedding. Armchairs or sofas with velvet seats will decorate the hall. You can tie a velvet ribbon around each guest’s place settings.

Groomsmen can choose a velvet jacket or bow tie, and winter brides can pick up velvet details: a belt for the dress or a small clutch. If the bridesmaids don’t mind, velvet can also be used to sew or trim their dresses.


Winter is a time when there are snow-white dunes outside the window, playing in the sun so brightly that it blinds the eyes. And that’s a great reason to use sequins in your wedding decor. You can start with elegant invitations with foiling and adding glitter to the envelope itself.

You can arrange a confetti bar of sequins in every possible shade at the ceremony. Elegant sequined shoes will help complete the bride’s image, and a sequined or sequin and beaded ribbon can be used to decorate the leg of the bouquet. Bridesmaids will look chic in gowns made of sequined fabrics.

Glitter runners, for example, in silver, gold, bronze, chocolate or even white will decorate the guests’ tables. In this case, the selection of vases and decorative complements should be particularly careful: it can be glass, ceramic or specially frosted containers. The star of the evening can be a wedding cake decorated with edible confectionery glitter. And it is possible to finish a banquet with a carpet of a set of sparklers!

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Fluffy and incredibly light cotton blossoms can decorate any celebration. They bring “snowiness” and tenderness to almost any decoration. Cotton inflorescences are perfectly combined with such natural decor elements as burlap, dried flowers, wooden spokes, boxes, and firewood. Cotton boxes have a universal color for wedding decor, which means they can go with any wedding palette.

Cotton in the compositions and in the decor of the ceremony area will give the wedding a rustic or eco style mood. You can combine with cotton not only natural materials and rough decorative elements, but also delicate lace, satin and silk, so beloved by brides. Very well with cotton boxes are combined with succulents and dried flowers.

By the way, a bouquet with cotton will last not only the wedding day, but also will decorate your house after the wedding. But be sure to pay attention to the opening of the cotton boxes themselves, because if they are not opened enough, then instead of fluffy white lumps you get brown rough boxes.


Many people associate winter weddings specifically with cones in the decor. Despite the fact that this element is considered traditional, this does not mean that it will look boring and banal – you only need to connect your imagination! Images of cones on wedding invitations will look amazing. In this case, it is better to use natural paper and a minimum of colors – a bright palette can make the invitations too variegated.

A small box of cones can replace the traditional ring pillow. A garland of cones would be a great decoration for a winter ceremony. The same garlands, but already with greenery and flowers, will decorate tables of guests instead of fabric runners. They can be complemented by elegant candles in tall thin candlesticks.

Cones can be decorated and the wedding cake. It is also worth remembering that the use of cones carries a certain stylistics, which must necessarily be taken into account – it is more simple rustic, elegant country-chic or stylish eco-option.


What is winter without knitted, warm and cozy things? And these elements may well be used to decorate a winter wedding. Yarn carries a certain mood, which implies the use of non-standard, cozy elements made by hand.

Yarn can be used almost everywhere: from crocheted ribbons to decorate the bride’s bouquet to bouquets of balloons of different sizes in the decoration of the banquet area. They can be placed on the table as a runway, or you can hang them above the table, thereby giving even more coziness to the hall.

The groom’s boutonniere can also be made from a small ball. And knitted accessories will give not only a special charm to the image of a winter bride, but also warmth. This can be a voluminous scarf, snood, mittens or gloves. Or maybe the dress itself!

Sawdust and firewood.

In winter, it is especially nice to use natural materials, especially since there shouldn’t be many problems with finding them. Sawn wood can be used as “supports” for decoration: You can add moss, cotton, clumps, cones, dried flowers, twigs and other gifts of winter nature to wooden bases. On them also perfectly stand jars with compositions and candles.

The ceremony in a cozy country house with a fireplace can be decorated with small baskets or boxes with firewood. And if the fireplace can be lit during the wedding dinner, then you are in for some real magic. The spires can be used as a stand for rings and signs for the ceremony, as well as for table numbering. And a wedding cake will look great on a wide wooden spike – just don’t forget to add the appropriate decor to the cake itself.


What is winter without needles? Spruce is a favorite material of decorators, as it gives not only a terrific smell, a sense of freshness and festivity, but also easy to use. The main thing here is not to turn your wedding into an ordinary New Year’s or Christmas party.

Spruce wreaths can decorate your cozy wedding ceremony or become the centerpiece on the tables. You only need to complement them with suitable flowers. There are no restrictions here – pine branches can complement absolutely any flower arrangement: from bright amaryllis to delicate ranunculus, daffodils and tulips. Small pots with herringbones can become not only an alternative to the traditional seating plan, but also play the role of compliments for the guests.

Candles and lanterns

Candles are a traditional element of almost any wedding decor, but in winter they take on a special charm, as if immersing us in an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth. And what could be better than feeling at home at a celebration? Candles and lanterns can become not just an addition to the decor, but a complete and self-sufficient part of it.

Decorate the ceremony site with lots of candles, and get an incredibly fabulous picture! Just be sure to follow the safety precautions. Candles need to be lit throughout the evening, so be sure to remind your coordinator or officiant of this.

The candles will need to be changed as they burn to keep the mood and the picture beautiful. Candles and candle holders alone make a beautiful centerpiece for your guests’ tables. Candle holders can be classic or creative: empty bottles, cones, twigs, wood splices, etc.