Wedding cake in nautical style is on trend

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Wedding cake

Wedding cake in nautical style is on trend

Themed weddings have been the most popular recently. Such events are usually held in a single style and combination of colors. Special attention, of course, is paid to the wedding dessert. The cake is the “highlight” without which the wedding celebration is not complete. It should perfectly fit the general style and theme of the wedding. If the wedding is a nautical wedding, then a nautical style wedding cake is a must. 

What role does the dessert play?

The confectionery is served during the dessert. The newlyweds cut it into pieces and the bridesmaids serve it to the guests. This moment symbolizes the gratitude expressed to the guests for coming to share their celebration with the newlyweds. Slices of sweet treats should preferably be served on portioned plates, over which should lie a paper napkin that harmonizes with the main colors of the “sea” cake.


Such a cake will be suitable for a nautical themed wedding, and will also look great at a celebration conceived in blue, blue or turquoise tones. It will combine well with the overall color scheme of the celebration and emphasize the originality of the decoration and design features of the event.

When making a treat, you can use a variety of ingredients and decorations. The scope for imagination is very large. Usually biscuit cakes are used for it. Their number depends on the intended size of the holiday treat.

Cake in nautical style for a wedding can be both multi-tiered and single-tiered. For this theme, single-tier designs are often used and decorated with edible attributes of the sea style. These can be figures of pirates, mermaids, fish, seashells, pearls and corals.

All the attributes associated with this theme will fit perfectly as decorations for such a dessert. They are usually made of mastic: it perfectly holds its shape, gives an opportunity to draw clear lines between different colors. In addition, many people like it precisely for its pleasant taste. Cream cakes are also the perfect embodiment of ideas on the theme of the sea. Figures and other decorations are squeezed out of a pastry bag with special nozzles.

Options for decorations

The decoration will depend on your imagination. But the items must necessarily fit harmoniously into the main concept of the celebration, and not argue with it. Wedding cake in the nautical style, as on the photo, will be a great end to the festive event.

Some options for decorating the confectionery:

  1. A single tier cake covered with buttercream in the form of a sea wave and decorated with a figure of a ship or boat, which will not “crash into life!”
  2. A confection covered in mastic or buttercream in the shape of part of a sandy beach and part of the sea. To decorate a sea-style cake, any nautical paraphernalia is appropriate – palm trees, pearl shells, starfish, coral.
  3. Tiered cake with decorations in the form of anchors. Anchors symbolize stability and keeping the family ship out of storms. The decorations can be made of mastic, and also drawn with cream with a pastry bag.
  4. A multi-tiered or one-tiered wedding cake in a nautical style with decorations in the form of corals and stars. They can be combined with seaweed, pearls, seashells.
  5. A treat in the form of an anchor with clearly drawn details of mastic and inscriptions with wishes for family stability.
  6. Cake with the use of cupcakes – small cakes. This version of decoration usually consists of one large decorated cake, around which the small cakes are placed. In the center of the large cake, covered with blue cream, there is a ship of mastic. Each cake is decorated with a small ship, seashell, or anchor.

Without mastic

Such a treat can be made without the traditional use of mastic. It can be replaced by buttercream, whipped cream, white chocolate frosting. The main thing is that they were of high quality and kept their shape. Pastry chefs have many secrets on how to eliminate the risk of the cream leaking and the decoration losing its shape. For example, adding melted water bath gelatin to the cream.

A great option is to decorate with cream in the style of “ombré”. Such a treat is prepared from the necessary amount of biscuit cakes. When decorating, the color of the cream gradually goes from lighter to brighter. Thus it is possible to emulate sea waves, beach sand, or other components of the theme. The main condition is that the colors are in harmony with each other.

Cake in nautical style without fondant, as in the photo, will decorate the festive table and will certainly be to the taste of all present.

Tips and tricks for ordering and using

When ordering a cake, pay attention to the following important points:

  • In the beginning, it is important to imagine the overall concept of the celebration, to think about the overall color solution.
  • A profitable design solution is the excerpt of a single combination of colors – starting from the interior of the hall and table serving, to the main shades in the design of the cake in the maritime style. Such a variant always looks very advantageous and stylish.
  • The confectionery, as a “highlight” of the event, must fit perfectly into the general theme of the wedding.

When ordering a pastry, it is important to discuss with the confectioner all the details and colors of decoration. Do not be afraid to express your most daring imaginations – an experienced confectioner will direct them in the right direction! Negotiate the design with a pastry professional. Ask to see samples of finished products.

Nuances of use:

  • The cake is served near the end of the wedding reception, during dessert. The newlyweds, helping each other, cut it into pieces and arrange it on plates.
  • The bridesmaids bring the plates with the cake to the guests.
  • Slices of holiday treats are served on serving platters with a beautiful paper napkin on top, in harmony with the nautical theme.
Wedding cake

10 reasons to order

  1. It will complement a themed wedding. The cake will become the final chord of the solemn event, will surprise and please the guests and the newlyweds.
  2. It is unusual. The nautical theme used in the making of such a dessert looks original and winning.
  3. It is simply very delicious! Original ingredients are used for the preparation. Their combination creates an unusual and memorable palette of flavors.
  4. Such a cake will look great in the photos. An important point of the event – photo and video shooting always captures in detail the originality of the design of the sweet work of art.
  5. You can be creative. Negotiate the details of individual design with a professional confectioner. The scope for imagination is enormous! Modern technologies in the field of confectionary art will help to embody any of your ideas.
  6. The “sea” cake will be remembered by all guests. This style is a modern trend of confectionery craftsmanship and will certainly be the subject of everyone’s attention.
  7. It’s trendy. The nautical theme and everything associated with it is now very popular.
  8. Such a dessert can be perfectly complemented by themed goodies. For example, figurines or cupcakes (small cakes) in the form of sea stars, shells, corals.
  9. This cake is suitable for any wedding, conceived in blue or turquoise tones. It will be perfectly combined with the general color scheme of the celebration, will emphasize the originality of the design and the peculiarities of the event design.
  10. This work of confectionary art is practically a win-win variant. Such a “sea” cake will please both children and adults.

Ordering a cake, carefully discuss all the nuances of its design:

  • Do not be afraid to fantasize! The boldest and most original fantasy in its design can be very bright and memorable.
  • Listen to the opinion of a professional pastry chef! He has the knowledge and skills to prepare a real masterpiece.
  • Remember the specifics of serving a wedding cake.
  • Stick to a single harmonious combination of colors – from the design of the banquet hall and wedding table serving, to the shades in the design of the cake. This style always looks winning and speaks volumes about your taste.