Wedding light decor: from idea to realization

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Wedding light decor

Wedding light decor: from idea to realization

Wedding light decor can be a beautiful way to add some extra warmth and romance to your wedding. By using light fixtures or candles in creative or whimsical ways, you can create a look that is both unique and memorable. Whether you choose traditional wedding light decor or something more unique and special, using light to add a touch of magic to your wedding is sure to make everyone feel special.

Carefully thought-out lighting will help to create a romantic and festive atmosphere at the wedding, so it is worth thinking through all the details concerning the lighting of the celebration in advance. Here are 15 stylish ideas for lighting decorations for weddings.


Candles of all stripes and types are a classic wedding attribute. Simple, effective, budget-friendly and romantic. Candles can complement the basic lighting of a wedding banquet or be the only lighting at some stages of the celebration (first dance of the newlyweds, taking out the cake or the final word of the newlyweds).


For more interesting effects, think about what you will place the candles in. Perhaps you have a variety of candleholders in the same style that you’ll arrange around the room. Or maybe you’ll decorate your wedding with compositions with floating candles or hang candles on chains or ribbons.


A candelabra is a somewhat pretentious accessory that won’t suit every wedding. Nevertheless, at lavish celebrations or Victorian-era weddings, a candelabra would make a great decoration for the hall, photo area, and lounge.

Garlands of all kinds.

Essentially, a garland is a combination of light bulbs with interesting candlesticks. Pick up original shapes of garlands (flowers, balloons, angels, etc.) or make garlands yourself from vines, harnesses, etc.

Lanterns and lamps

Vintage lamps and lanterns will create a special flavor at your wedding. They look very spectacular and are perfect for fairy tale and historic weddings. The only problem is that it is difficult to find a large number of identical lamps. On the other hand, you can use several types of lanterns to decorate banquet tables, photo area and lounge.

Original lanterns.

If you can afford it, look into ready-made intricate chandeliers. For example, these can be elaborate volumetric accessories that combine garlands and natural materials.

Position the lights properly.

You can play around with the placement of candles or candlesticks. For example, illuminate the path to the banquet hall, mark the boundaries of the dance floor, lay out words or illuminate the Candy bar.

Tree Decorations.

If your wedding is outdoors, be sure to consider decorating trees and bushes. A great option is to decorate the trees with a scattering of small light bulb garlands or netted garland. Both trunk and branches can be illuminated.

Balloon lights

Balloon lights have recently become popular at weddings. During the day, they allow you to complement the color decor of the celebration. In the evening, they serve as a source of light. They are good for banquet halls and dance floors.

Colorful illumination

Why not illuminate the lounge or special parts of the banquet with selected shades of the celebration? It’s modern, relatively budget-friendly, and spectacular.


If you want more originality and symbolism, pick up projectors that can be used to create inscriptions with light. And then it’s up to your imagination: what to write on the floor during the first dance, what inscriptions to “let” on the walls during contests or toasts, etc.

Glowing Backgrounds

Numerous bulbs in garlands or LEDs will allow you to create a whole backdrop of glowing dots. They will look beautiful in the decor of the hall as well as in the decoration of the photo area and lounge.

Wedding light decor

A variety of accessories

Pick up original candle holders or interestingly decorated candle holders. The wedding portal offers a lot of master classes on how to make such accessories with your own hands (sparkling jars, candlesticks from wood or threads, etc.).

Glowing letters

Modern technology offers special accessories – letters with LEDs. They are suitable for decorating the banquet and the place of the photo shoot. You can make such an accessory from wood, aluminum and even paper using candles or LEDs.

Sky lanterns

Imagine that you are Rapunzel from a famous cartoon. Launch lots of sky lanterns at the end of the evening and make your deepest wish.

Working with lighting at your wedding is a responsible and fascinating activity. It makes for a truly unforgettable and luxurious celebration!

For winter wedding decorations, there are many cool ideas that will make the decor of the festive space stylish and spectacular. You can use seasonal gifts from nature and themed elements like garlands, furs, and candles.