What episode is the red wedding

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What episode is the red wedding

What episode is the red wedding

Themed weddings or celebrations in the same color are very elegant and stylish. Of course, if you take the trouble and prepare everything properly. If you have a modicum of patience, imagination and desire, you are quite able to implement any, even the most fantastic idea. 

If your favorite color is red, then a wedding in red is just made for you. It is a symbol of love and unquenchable passion; it is a very bright and strong color that will emphasize the originality of the couple in love. Red is interpreted in many cultures: it is associated with happiness and prosperity. It is enough to choose the right shade Рand bravely proceed to the realization of plans. For example, for an autumn wedding the actual deep shades are burgundy, terracotta, reddish-red, for the winter will suit the bright colors Рyour red dress will look wonderful against the white snow. Spring and summer weddings can be combined Рas a basis, take red and dilute it with another shade Рwhite, black, turquoise, soft pink. Remember that a deep red will be combined with a dark green, with scarlet Рyellow or orange, bronze, gold or silver elements will look organic with the dark red shades. Try to avoid conflict of colors and pay attention even to minor details Рeven bonbonnières, candles and ring pads should be consistent with the overall style.


If you decide to do your own red wedding, the first thing to do is to let guests of the future event know that the celebration will be unusual. Invitations can be made entirely in one color, or decorated with red details and inserts.

Wish Books

Not surprisingly, for a red wedding, the book of wishes should contain red in its design. This also applies to all other types of its replacement. How to accomplish this? Let’s look at examples.

  1. The classic wish book should undoubtedly be red. But do not forget that red perfectly harmonizes with white, and both colors can be combined on the cover of the memorial book.
  2. Frame of wishes. In this case, the background of the frame or the wooden details that the guests fill in and send to the frame can be red. In particular, red hearts look great.
  3. A large wooden heart, on which the guests write their warm words and goodbyes to the newlyweds.
  4. A picture in a frame. The picture can depict three-dimensional red balloons, which the newlyweds are holding. On the balloons the guests write their wishes.
  5. Poster with a picture of a tree. On the painted tree, guests can be invited to make prints, using paint in a thematic color.
  6. A large red letter made of wood. A first name letter made out of wood in red can be a great substitute for a wish book. The guests in this case write their wishes directly on the surface of the letter with a permanent marker.

The image of the bride

If you think logically, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about choosing a wedding dress, it should be red. According to the theme. It’s important to pick your own shade of that color. 

You should choose “your” shade of red in accordance with your color type.

There are four types of girls: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring-girl is the rarest color type, it is a natural blonde with green or blue eyes and fair skin. Coral, poppy, tomato, apricot and warm orange colors will suit such brides.

The autumn girl is red-haired or light brown, with light or swarthy skin, her eyes are from light blue to dark brown. Tomato, brick-red and copper-red colors are suitable for such brides.

“Summer” brides are characterized by pale skin, blond hair and gray, blue or hazel eyes. Red, scarlet, crimson, wine-red and cherry shades suit them.

And finally, the winter girl is the brides with dark hair and light porcelain skin with a slight blush, blue, green, brown or black eyes. When choosing a dress for such brides should pay attention to purple, crimson, red, bright red and bordeaux.

However, not every bride will dare to wear a bright outfit. Therefore, a classic white dress will fit perfectly into your “red” wedding. These two colors are great friends.And if you have chosen a white dress, think about what red details you can add to your image. Ask your bridesmaids to wear red dresses. Or prepare red accessories for them.

What episode is the red wedding

Hairstyle and accessories

Try to do your hair to match the overall style of the wedding. Experiment and decorate your hair with flowers. It can be simply woven buds, a comb or a wreath.

If you chose a hairstyle with your ears and neck exposed, use jewelry with large red stones. 


Both red and other shades will work for your themed wedding. Depend on your look and the details that go into it.


As far as makeup is concerned, it’s simple. Red lipstick. Consult a makeup professional and find the right shade to match your skin tone and eye color. 

You can leave your eyes practically makeup-free, just apply mascara. You can also draw arrows. 


The options for how and what to cover your nails for a wedding in red are a huge number. Starting from the classic French manicure, executed in red, ending with a combination of rhinestones, sequins and several shades of color. Nail polish in the color of your lipstick will look spectacular if your dress is white. With a red dress, it’s better to match the coverage color by a tone lighter or a tone darker. 


The bouquet for the bride is almost as important as the dress, so it takes a long time to choose it. You can find a lot of red flowers at any time of the year, but the rose is rightly considered the queen. Gerberas, poppies, tulips, lilies, gladioluses, hyacinths and even poppies will look delicate and unique. To the delicate white with red accessories dress will suit red flowers for the wedding. Then the groom’s boutonniere should also be composed of the same flowers. A red and white bouquet in the hands of the bride will look spectacular.


For men, bright accents can be socks, boutonniere, suspenders, butterflies, ties, scarves in the pocket. For the most daring groomsmen, a red shirt or red suit. Any accessory – right down to the buttons – can accentuate that your wedding is designed in red. Don’t forget that the image of the bride and groom should be very organic – the combination of colors in boutonnieres, ribbons, shade of fabric is very important for complete harmony.


The decoration of the banquet hall should be taken care of in advance. The peculiarity of the red color is that its excess can create a gloomy and oppressive atmosphere, so the main thing is to observe the measure. The red color combines best with the white, so it is enough to put on the tables beautiful vases with bright colors, red napkins and scattered rose petals – and the success of your celebration is guaranteed. A wedding in which red dominates the color does not have to be organized indoors. If, after all, you have chosen a restaurant, then the walls and ceiling are better to drape with white cloth. A hall with large windows, white tablecloths and bright lighting will look beautiful. On the tables can be placed red wine, morsels and compotes of the same color. Put cherries or strawberries in champagne glasses. Decorate plates with dessert with cherries, cherries, strawberries and red plums.

For the sweet table, add marmalade and red candies in transparent dishes. To emphasize the wedding decor in red, add compositions of pomegranates, red apples, branches with cranberries. You can successfully use beautiful shades of maple leaves, satin bows, paper hearts and colored candles. Scarlet flowers will look spectacular in addition to the tables. When the newlyweds enter, greet them with clappers with scarlet sequins and hearts, then there will be an abundance of red in the hall.


The culmination of the celebration will be a wonderful cake filled with white icing and decorated with red marzipan flowers or fresh roses. You can tie each tier separately with a scarlet satin ribbon.