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Winter wedding

Winter wedding decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations, winter is definitely the season to go all out! From garlands and wreaths to elegant snowflakes and sparkling crystals, there’s a lot of creative ways to bring the spirit of winter to your wedding. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something a little more unique, there’s sure to be a decoration that suits your needs. So get creative and enjoy the winter season!

The wedding rush begins in June and lasts until the first frosts, during which time many more marriages are registered than at other times. However, there are also those who prefer to get married in the winter. This choice of date is justified by the beauty of nature, which is in harmony with the graceful image of the beautiful bride. To further emphasize the stylistics of a snow-white wedding, it is necessary to competently decorate the venue for a winter celebration.

Winter decoration of the wedding hall: styles

In the cold season, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to arrange a festive banquet in the open air, unless you consider areas with a tropical climate. Therefore, the main attention in this article we will focus on decorating it is indoor spaces.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the style of the wedding. In the winter season, most often the newlyweds choose one of the following themes:

  • Classic Winter;
  • Slavic folk;
  • Fabulous;
  • Summer or spring;
  • New Year’s or Christmas.

Classic Winter Style

Deciding to have a classic winter wedding, you should use appropriate elements to decorate the hall:

  • snowflakes;
  • fur capes and rugs;
  • silver cutlery;
  • crystal statuettes and vases;
  • mirror surfaces;
  • snowmen made of balloons or other materials.

Well, you can warm yourself in it with the warmth of your loved ones, who gathered to share with you the joy of the event.

If you want the decor include flowers, choose either winter (poinsettias) or spring (jasmine, lily of the valley) varieties, recalling that after the cold weather will come thaw. You can experiment with colors, such as in the photo below: multicolored pastel-colored roses on the one hand tell us that spring is coming, on the other hand do not “shout” to us with bright hues, contradicting the quiet calm winter.

Slavic folk style

Slavic winter with its severe frosts and merry folk festivals, probably, is known throughout the world. To recreate the image of an old original wedding in the cold season is not so difficult. The decorations may include:

  • embroidered tablecloths and towels of linen fabric;
  • samovars with platters;
  • flowered shawls, shawls;
  • wicker baskets;
  • sheaves of wheat;
  • wooden spoons;
  • nesting doll;
  • mats;
  • birch bark products.

Slavic culture is very rich and beautiful. The original Slavic attributes of fun and festivity are considered to be psaltery and accordion. Also appropriate would be spinners, ughi, veil, a haystack, stuffed animal or bear pelt, a cart or painted sleigh. These props make an excellent photo area for both the newlyweds and the guests.

It is desirable that on the tables there were pancakes, red and black caviar, sauerkraut, dishes from vegetables, goose in apples, pastries, instead of cake there can be a magnificent loaf.

Fairy tale style

In Slavic folklore, there are many fairy tales, the plot of which is based on the winter season. Perhaps the most famous are “Morozko”, “Twelve Months” and “Snegurochka”, on their motifs you can decorate the wedding venue.

However, if you give preference to other fairy tales, it will still be appropriate, because winter is truly a magical time of year. In this case, the decorations can be absolutely any, depending on the breadth of your imagination. For example, the seats for the newlyweds can be decorated in the form of royal thrones, and on top make an imitation of a tent.

It is excellent if the room has stained glass windows, they always look stylish, bright and fairy-tale-like. An alternative option – small homemade lamps from colored shards, the glare from which will create an atmosphere of magic in the entire room.

With the help of LED lighting will also get a mesmerizing fairy-tale effect. This can be dangling from the ceiling garlands, iridescent decorative trees or statues, and even fountains.

Massive or openwork candlesticks, ringlets, chests, shiny fabric broaches will add elegance to the celebration. Flowers, too, will not disturb the harmony of the fairy-tale composition, and, in addition, in these days it is much easier to get them in winter than the Padcheritsa from the fairy tale “Twelve Months”.

Summer or spring style

It is not surprising if for a wedding celebration in winter you choose this type of decoration. After all, when it is cold outside, surrounded by an endless blanket of snow, everyone wants sunlight, vibrant colors and a fragrance of flowers.

In this case, the emphasis should be placed on the color scheme and motley design. The summer version involves a variety of bright, mostly warm shades:

  • yellow, orange;
  • red, pink;
  • green;
  • lilac, purple.

If you prefer a spring theme, the colors here should also be warm, but more restrained and gentle:

  • jade;
  • peach;
  • emerald;
  • gentle blue.

All kinds of flowers, insects (butterflies, dragonflies, bees), greenery, birds, rainbows are appropriate as decorations in this style. The material for creating decorations can be absolutely any.

For example, birds and butterflies can be made of paper in origami technique and make garlands of them, mobiles, as well as adapt them as seating cards for guests.

Multicolored strips of fabric or balloons would make a wonderful rainbow on the wall. There can also be placed clouds and the sun from the same materials. Another option is to use LED garlands for decor.

Greens can take artificial, but it is better if you buy plants in vases and pots. Flowers at the same wedding are appropriate in any variety and in unlimited quantities, they can make simple bouquets, interesting compositions, weave wreaths.

Winter wedding

New Year’s or Christmas style

The well-known attributes of the New Year and Christmas are:

a Christmas tree decorated with colorful toys;

  • chimes;
  • mandarins;
  • Santaclaus;
  • sparkling champagne.

The walls of a winter New Year’s Eve wedding can be decorated with LED lights, and brightly colored felt stockings can be hung everywhere. The tradition of folding gifts from Santa Claus in them, though Western, but in our country is also loved by many.

As for the color scheme, in the New Year’s style it is mainly green, red, gold and white shades.

5 original ideas for winter restaurant decor for a wedding

You can choose any of the above styles for the holiday, which, by the way, successfully combine with each other, or come up with something of your own, no less beautiful and original. Perhaps the following ideas will inspire your imagination:

  1. Cones look interesting in winter wedding decorations, no matter if they are pine, spruce or cedar. You can fill large floor baskets with them, make garlands and even a bouquet of the bride, which will be in harmony with the overall style of the celebration.
  2. Organize a confetti bar of colorful glitter or a kendi bar with all kinds of sweets. The contents can be anything from fruit slices to glazed cakes and lollipops in bright wrappers.
  3. Even yarn can be used to decorate the room. Multicolored balls of yarn will fit harmoniously into the style of a winter wedding and give the atmosphere of the holiday warmth and comfort. Well, if you know how to knit, the handmade products will make the interior design really elegant and unique.
  4. If there is no fireplace in the room, you can make an imitation with foam plastic, corrugated cardboard and LED lights. Just do not forget about safety precautions!
  5. In winter decorations look pertinent feathers, as light and fluffy as snow. From them you can make whole compositions, such as a Christmas tree, a palm tree, a butterfly, or use them in the table setting.

Despite sub-zero temperatures outside the window and high snowdrifts, the room, where family and friends gather to celebrate the birthday of a new family, will always be cozy and warm. The decoration of the banquet hall should correspond to this atmosphere, think it through in advance. Use the tips and ideas for decoration from this article, supplementing them with your imagination and creativity, the result is sure to please you.