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rustic wedding

A rustic wedding

A rustic wedding is a unique event that embodies the best traditions and characteristics of life in the countryside. If you are close to the serenity of pure nature, aromas of greenery and wild flowers, responsiveness and kindness of people, home comfort, feel free to organize such a wedding.


What do you imagine when you hear the word “village”? Small wooden log cabins, fields with ears of rye, a hearty lunch in the fresh air, vegetable gardens and orchards, interesting items of rustic interior? Of the many such natural, family details and creates a cozy wedding in a rustic style. Own associations and it is worth using when organizing a themed celebration.

The best time to have a rustic wedding is during the warm season, so you can accurately recreate the necessary atmosphere and not have to worry about the weather letting you down.


A rustic summer wedding, of course, is held in nature, ideally in the countryside. In rare cases where there is no possibility to organize the event out of town, you can try to adapt the garden at the cottage or the spacious green lawn outside the mansion rented for the wedding in a rustic style. As an option, consider a city park or square, but most likely there will be difficulties in coordinating organizational issues with the administration.

If the wedding is planned for the winter months, look for themed restaurants and cafes with folk-inspired decorations. The advantage of this option is that you do not have to puzzle over the menu: in such establishments there is an extensive list of dishes of national cuisine.

Those who are limited in finances and live in the village, can sign in the rural House of Culture. Believe me, this original option will amaze the guests, tired over the past few years to observe pathos marriage registration in the monotonous interiors of the registry office.

The bride’s image

When preparing the holiday, first of all it is important to decide on the selection of a suitable outfit for the bride.

At a rustic wedding, a dress with a puffy skirt in rhinestones will be inappropriate. The image should be light, airy and simple. Pay attention to simple light sundresses. Competently complement such clothes with accessories, and you will get both modest and stylish wedding image. Accentuate the chosen style with a beautiful wreath, woven from wildflowers.

If the bride wants a wedding dress close to the classic, look romantic and airy model with ruffles on the hem and ruffles falling down from the shoulders. To read the rustic style, the skirt should be decorated with a floral print or ethnic embroidery.

In the choice of shoes in the rustic style the bride is a bit limited: in the bosom of nature are inappropriate open sandals and high heels. Much more appropriate with a sundress look comfortable ballet flats. Those who like originality will suit shabby cowboy boots, which will create an interesting contrast with the light dress.

In the bouquet of the bride must find a place for simple wildflowers, which can be supplemented with ears of rye. It is enough to tie the bouquet with ordinary twine. If the bride such a variant seems too simple, it is worth to dilute the composition with fresh peonies or fragrant lilacs.

Makeup and manicure of the bride at a rustic wedding should be as natural as possible. In the hair can be allowed a slight carelessness or to refer to the tradition by which the bridesmaids braid her hair.

rustic wedding

Image of the groom

After the newlyweds decide on the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit is selected. Of course, it is necessary to refuse the strict tuxedo and the classical shoes should be replaced by light loafers. Look great with loose light pants or regular jeans in a set with an embroidered shirt.

Light carelessness will add a highlight to your image. So, you can tie an unusual way, use a bright bow tie or unbutton the top button on your shirt.

Outfits for guests

Those invited to the nature on a hot summer day can be advised to wear straw hats – this little thing will add a thematic note and at the same time not too burden the guests.

Do not require excessive originality: veils from the girls and a shirt from the guys, but the invitations should include the requirement to adhere to the dress code. Embroidered belts, traditional beads and bunches of spikelets will perfectly complement the images of the guests in a rustic style.

The bridesmaids can weave the same floral wreaths in advance. In addition, a few wreaths are better left for those who decide to neglect the prescribed dress code.

If you are worried that the guests will not take the dress code seriously enough, think of a good motivation for them. For example, organize a contest for the best wedding costume, with the prize being a professional photo shoot.

Wedding motorcade

The choice of transportation for a rustic wedding is much wider than it seems at first glance. It can be:

  • A rustic carriage or cart for a short distance trip;
  • A tractor for a more comfortable movement of the newlyweds, who want to “shout” about their happiness in the whole neighborhood;
  • A vintage car, like in Soviet films, for the bride and groom and their parents, who will be pleased to plunge into nostalgia.

It is more convenient to rent a cortege only for the photo session, and organize a wedding in such a way that the external registration takes place at the same place, where there will be a banquet. In this case, the newlyweds and guests will be able to move on their own, and on the saved money will be able to hire street musicians to make it more fun to walk.

Invitation Design

Today, designers offer stunning options for invitations made from natural materials: tree bark, linen, dried grass and flowers. They are perfect for notifying guests of an upcoming rustic wedding.

Given the popularity of such a trend as scrapbooking, you can also make invitations with your own hands. Light carelessness in the design will not deter anyone, as it will look unusual stylistic chips.

Write by hand the invitation text and decorate the paper base with feathers, ribbons, plant seeds, straw or spikelets.

Decorating the venue

If you chose a rustic wedding in the countryside, simply place tables and chairs under tree crowns decorated with homemade fabric flags. You can write the newlyweds’ names, the date of the wedding or phrases like Just Married on the flags.

An original option is to place them in a field among the haystacks. Then they will come in handy for a photo shoot. You can install a wicker fence and comfortable chairs-bags filled with grain.

In reality, few people take the risk of choosing such a natural entourage because of certain risks, for example, related to the vagaries of the weather. In such a case, the rented space requires additional decoration. A wedding in rustic style implies deliberately simple decor, but behind this simplicity hides the comfort and warmth of a real holiday, where everything is at home.

On the tables can be placed charming candles in jars or old kerosene lamps, arrange handmade napkins. Traditional vases should be replaced by beautiful bottles and wicker baskets with flowers, fruits and vegetables, ears. You can place unusual flowering plants in pots with soil, such as chickpeas.

Textiles also play an important role. It is better to choose a tablecloth made of natural materials: cotton, linen and chintz. The same fabrics decorate the chairs and the wedding arch.


Thematic installations at the venue of the celebration will be interesting accessories that set the mood. They can be used in the future for a photo shoot in a rustic style. Such accents in the decor will be carts, wooden wheels, window frames.

A high wooden doorway is often used as a wedding arch. Although a sprawling tree, under whose branches you can say to each other, “Yes!” will also work fine.

On a separate table stump is placed themed book, in which guests will write congratulations and wishes. It is kept for many years as a family heirloom and every anniversary they reread the warm words.

Souvenirs for guests

The guests invited to the wedding will be pleasant to take a small gift with a part of the comfort of home: cookies in a beautiful box, a small jar of jam. Men can be given a miniature bottle of vodka with a jar of pickles.

Gifts can be presented to all guests, or as prizes for participation in competitions. Souvenirs should be wrapped in decorative burlap and tied with a ribbon. Edible gifts for guests will remind of the hospitality and cordiality of those responsible for the occasion.



Traditional home table must be bursting with an abundance of delicious, fat and hearty treats. There are no restrictions on the menu: whatever you like is cooked and laid out on the table, with a preference for simple food (foie gras and other extravagances do not fit the rustic style).

As a dessert for a wedding buffet, any homemade treats are suitable: pies, cookies, seasonal berries and fruits in summer or jars with jam in winter. You can organize a separate sweet zone with apples baked in caramel or boiled corn.

Of alcoholic beverages the choice should be made on vodka, homemade wine or tincture, moonshine.

Wedding Cake

The main sweet treat of the holiday should be decorated in rustic style with dried flowers, mint leaves, cranberries. Tiered compositions will not fit into the stylistics, but the stylization of the loaf, as one of the options – quite.

The removal of the wedding cake can be turned into a spectacular show with the participation of the accordionist and the girls in vails.


If weddings in other styles can do without a toastmaster, the rustic without him nowhere! The best approach is a colorful woman of age, who knows a lot of ditties and jokes, singing funny songs. She will direct the celebration in the right direction, cheer up lulled guests and organize the event the best way, knowing when the appropriate competitions, when it is time for the wishes of the guests, and when it is time to drink and eat. Plus, the Toastmaster knows a lot of interesting customs and traditions and is happy to share them.

If for some reason you don’t want to invite a toastmaster, here are some interesting ideas for how to entertain your guests:

  • jumping over the bonfire for the bravest and dancing around it for the rest;
  • dances with songs;
  • performance of a folk ensemble with an accordionist;
  • shows of clowns, gypsies with bears or comedian grandmothers.

Photo session in summer and winter

If you can, it’s better to leave the photo walk for a separate day and go far out of town to enjoy the vast expanses of fields, rivers and forests. As one of the options you can go to the nearest village and ask a horse and cart for a while to make original rustic shots.

On a couples photo set great look any attributes that emphasize the atmosphere of the wedding in a rustic style. For example, wooden signs with signs on which you can write “groom” and “bride” or cute nicknames of the newlyweds. Or a homemade swing mounted on a tall tree from a pair of ropes and a wooden bar, on which you can take romantic pictures.

In the villages, weddings were traditionally played in the fall or winter after Epiphany. It was winter marriages that were considered the happiest. If you chose a rustic winter wedding, you can get beautiful shots in a snow-covered forest.

A rustic wedding takes you back to the roots and reminds you of the best traditions, and therefore is a good choice for a new family’s first celebration. Despite its simplicity, such an event requires careful preparation. Take the issue of organization seriously, fill it with warmth, openness and kindness, and the rustic wedding will be pleasantly remembered by you and the guests for years to come.