Winter wedding decor: the best palettes and ideas for a stylish celebration

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Winter wedding decor

Winter wedding decor: the best palettes and ideas for a stylish celebration

If you decided to hold a wedding in the most magical season of the year, you should definitely think about how to decorate the banquet hall, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere. Of course, you can take advantage of universal holiday decorating techniques, but what if you emphasize the beauty of the season in the design of a winter wedding. It will only increase the impression of the guests of your celebration, I am sure the portal

What shades to use for a winter wedding decoration?

With what do you associate winter? Of course, with snow, white and airy. Also with the Christmas tree, cones and Christmas paraphernalia. These are the associations you can use to put together a winter wedding palette. Here are the options that are the most winning for winter wedding decor:

  • White + sky + silver.
  • Dust blue + blue + silver.
  • Bordeaux + emerald.
  • White + silver + emerald.
  • Beige + gold + dark green.
  • Red + green + black.

The highlight of winter wedding decor can be a Christmas-style plaid. It can be used for textiles, thus giving the wedding banquet even more festive. Textiles with sequins and sequins, imitating the glow of snow in winter, will also be appropriate.

What can be used to decorate a winter wedding: top ideas

Having decided in what color you want to decorate the celebration, it is worth thinking about exactly how you want to do it. And even if the banquet hall is decorated for you by a decorator, you may well give him your own ideas that will make the celebration unique and personalized. Here’s a list of the best winter wedding decorating ideas that will accentuate the beauty of this magical season.

Spruce Sprigs.

Fragrant green sprigs of spruce can be a great alternative to the expensive greenery that is usually used to make floral arrangements. And you can also make Christmas wreaths out of spruce sprigs to decorate chairs. In the winter, they cost almost nothing, and the effect of them in the wedding decor will be simply stunning.


How can you do on a winter wedding without one more symbol of winter – cones! They can be used in the hall decorations: as in the compositions for the tables, and to create unusual accessories, for example, as a coaster for the banquet cards. And also from cones you can make unusual garlands and decorate unsightly walls of the banquet hall with them. It is interesting and budget-friendly! And to ordinary cones collected in the nearby park, look even more festive, they can be sprinkled with glitter in silver or gold.

Candles and candle holders

Winter wedding decorations may well use thick or thin candles, with or without candle holders. Moreover, candlesticks can be not the classic, bought in a store, and homemade. For example, you can use ordinary bottles as such, especially if they are made of colored glass.

Glowing garlands

To decorate a wedding in the winter style is quite possible to use LED garlands, which we decorate the house for New Year. They will not only be a great decorative element, but also beautifully illuminate the space. This wedding lighting will help create an incredibly delicate and romantic atmosphere at the banquet.

Winter fruits and berries

Floral compositions for decorating wedding tables can be supplemented with seasonal gifts of nature: pomegranates, tangerines, persimmons, branches of rowanberries. These bright fruits and berries will add brightness and colorfulness to the decor of the hall, so be sure to take this idea on board. And even cool in the design of a winter wedding look sprigs of cotton, reminiscent of flakes of snow, as well as cinnamon sticks, which will give the festive room amazing aroma.

Winter wedding decor

Wooden sprigs.

Brown or white and black birchwood spokes will be appropriate for a wedding any time of year, but they will be especially relevant in winter. With green twigs and brown cones, they will make the perfect tandem, highlighting all the beauty of the season you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Unusual tablecloths.

Original tablecloths or tablecloths made of faux fur, velvet or wool in red and black checks will fit perfectly into the decoration of the wedding hall in winter style. Such decorative details will be a highlight of your celebration, because they are almost uncommon at typical weddings. But that’s for the best!

Knit elements

What gives us warmth and comfort in winter? Knitwear! So why not add knitted elements to your winter celebration decor, such as stylish placemats, chair covers or cutlery covers. Such cute details will make the wedding table setting stylish and home-like cozy.

We have collected for you the best ideas for beautiful winter wedding decorations, which will help to create an incredibly beautiful and festive atmosphere at the celebration. Take the options you like and bring them to life, highlighting the beauty of the season you’ve chosen for your wedding.