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Manicure for wedding

Manicure for wedding

Looking for an elegant way to show your wedding guests that you take care of yourself? Consider a manicure! A manicure can add a touch of pampering to your special day, and it’s a great way to show your wedding guests that you’re devoted to looking your best. Plus, a manicure is a great way to relax and take some time for yourself – something you’ll likely need after a long day of wedding planning. Book a manicure with us today and get a beautiful, professional finish to your wedding day!

A wedding is an unforgettable emotion. Every girl, since childhood, dreams of her unique fairy-tale wedding. Therefore, on this special day, everything must be perfect: the dress, decorations, cake, guest list, hair, makeup, and of course – manicure.

Today you’ll learn what fashion trends in wedding nail design have come to the forefront, and how to match the design to the length and shape of your nails. And also, how to properly combine your manicure with the color scheme of the holiday decor or wedding dress. In addition, I’ll tell you a few simple but very effective tiphacks so that your hands and manicure will be flawless during and throughout the celebration.

Fashionable wedding design novelties

A distinctive feature of this wedding season is that all these types of designs can be used both in pure form and as a combination of several types of design. The main thing, however, is that the manicure should not look overwhelming. The main trend of this wedding season is lightness and sophistication.


The classic French is a trend for all times. This season, the French manicure, as always, does not give up its leading positions. This type of design will suit any wedding dress, any shape and length of the nails, and will look great in the image in the summer as well as in the spring, autumn or winter.

If in doubt, and do not know what design to choose for the wedding reception – feel free to stay with the classic white French. This season it is especially popular in milky, beige or pale pink shades.

Very beautiful and stylish would look French on short nails with a square shape.

Also, a very beautiful white French look, if it is applied to a pastel colored base, and decorated with rhinestones, lace or drawings of flowers.

A chic option would be a French on a flesh-colored or pale pink base, with a matte finish.

Very elegantly and delicately look French on almond-shaped nails.

Pearl waxing

Also, one of the main trends of this season, is a nail design with a pearl wax. Moreover, it looks great on white nails, as well as on beige, soft pink, soft blue and peach. In addition, you can decorate all nails and accent only one or two fingers.

Look how simple and elegant it looks if you highlight one finger with the lightest shade of the wax.

Or you can apply such wax on top of the gradient. Such a manicure looks very delicate and original.

Also, very elegant will look wax with rhinestones. They can be attached in the form of a ring or lay out an interesting pattern.

Manicure for wedding


Another trend of this season is the design with the effect of lace on the nails. This type of design is perfect for lovers of the style “Boho” and lace wedding dresses. Such a design, the master of manicure can do either with a brush and gel paint, or with the technique of stamping.


Does not give up its positions and manicure design ombré. This magical haze in a variety of colors can fit almost any bridal image of the bride. Look how cute and airy this design looks in delicate powder and pink.

Rhinestones and sequins

If you love to be the center of attention, adore everything shiny and sparkly, or just want to make a little shiny accent on your nails – you will definitely have to taste a manicure with rhinestones or sequins.

It is possible to decorate, for example, only a ring finger, which will be decorated by a wedding ring. Or you can accentuate the thumb by making a beautiful pattern of large crystals. Or you can decorate all your nails with small neat rhinestones.

In addition, you can decorate the nails with any sequins or shiny strips, the color of which will harmonize with the jewelry on the bride’s dress or with the wedding rings of the newlyweds.

It is possible to decorate the manicure only with gold or silver rhinestones and sequins.

Wedding minimalism

Also, this season, a trend rapidly gaining popularity is the wedding in the style of “Minimalism”. Modern couples, more and more often, choose wedding outfits and space decoration, in a simple and concise minimalist style.

Minimalist wedding dresses and minimalist wedding decor, are now at the peak of popularity around the world. Of course, under such images and manicures should be selected in a single style of minimalism.

For example, very sophisticated and delicate will look if you cover all the nails with gel-lacquer in milky color, and one nail is decorated with light-colored delicate rhinestones or some small drawing.

Drawings on the nails: flowers, hearts, doves, bows, butterflies

Also, very popular in wedding design are various drawings on the nails. These can be twigs and flowers on one nail or on several nails. Flowers can be combined with the general wedding style or with the flowers in the bride’s bouquet.

Such drawings can be drawn with gel paint, watercolor, or transferred to the nail with stamping or stickers.

Very romantic look drawings of hearts on the nails. They can be depicted on a transparent background, it will give tenderness and lightness to the image of the bride. Or you can draw them on a classic white background, it will give a solemnity to the image.

In addition, for some brides getting married is such a reverent event that they try to capture it in every detail of the holiday. For such reverent natures, a great choice will be a manicure with a symbolic drawing of doves, wedding rings, figures of the bride and groom, or cupid.

Tender and cute look drawings of butterflies or bows on the nails. They can be made both on the classic white and on nude, pale blue or transparent backgrounds.

Decorations on the nails: pearls, foil and molding

Very delicate and unusual look pearls in wedding design. For example, you can decorate the nails with them, in case it is also present on your dress.

Also, very solemn and delicate look nails, decorated with modeling in the form of flowers.

Nails decorated with gold or silver foil look festive and bright.

When it’s better to do and how to keep your manicure throughout the holiday

To be at your best, during and throughout the celebration, you only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Start taking care of your hand skin, two weeks before the wedding. Scrub twice a week, then apply a nourishing mask, and wear special hand gloves on top, or just plain plastic bags – for 30 minutes. Wear gloves during any water-related chores around the house so that your labors are not in vain, and your hands are a source of pride, not embarrassment, during the celebration.
  2. After you approve the style of the holiday decorations and dress, take pictures of them, find photos of the desired manicure on the Internet, and about a month before the wedding, go to a proven master for a consultation. You can even make a trial manicure and see how the selected design will look on your hands.
  3. The manicure itself is better to do 2 days before the upcoming celebration. This is the best time, and in order to have time to check the quality of coverage, and so that this coating does not have time to fade.
  4. On the wedding day put with a purse: hand cream, cuticle oil (You can buy in the form of a marker, with a handy brush and a secure cap, so it does not flow into your purse, and did not spoil the party!) And a spare bottle of nail polish in the color of your manicure. So, throughout the holiday day and before the memorable photo shoot, with the help of hand cream and cuticle oil, you can quickly refresh your manicure. And in case of unforeseen chips on your manicure, you can always carefully correct it, with a spare bottle of nail polish.

So, to be the most beautiful bride on the wedding day: take care of your hands in advance, think through and rehearse a festive manicure, and put in your purse sos-set for the ideal manicure. And then, nothing will be able to mar your fabulous holiday.

And most importantly, always remember – you can listen to the opinion of family and expert advice, but your final choice, it’s better to do yourself, guided by what prompts you your heart! After all, this is your day, your party, and you, above all, should be most comfortable and happy on this day.

I hope that my ideas will help you with the choice of wedding manicure, as under the color of your dress, and under the length and shape of your nails. And a few useful tips on how to keep your manicure during the whole celebration perfect, will help you to be confident and proud to show the cherished ring on your finger.