Wedding on the beach: ideas for decorations

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Wedding on the beach

Wedding on the beach: ideas for decorations

Agree, everyone probably dreamed of making the wedding day the most special and memorable day in life, one of these original solutions can be a wedding on the beach. Design ideas, decorations in different styles will help to create your own unique decor in the design of the wedding. The sea, the sunset, the beautiful nature, the enchanting atmosphere – this day will remain in the memory for a lifetime!

Advantages of painting on the beach

Let’s start with the fact that standard weddings are already bored to everyone. Instead of walking and taking pictures against the city’s landmarks, newlyweds do lav-storie in unusual places. Sitting in a restaurant is more and more often replaced by an exit ceremony, held in the place where the newlyweds experienced their most romantic moments.

Wedding on the beach is beautiful not only on the photo, because the whole ceremony takes place in a pleasant place with a great view and an environment that disposes to romance. Another advantage of a wedding on the beach is the possibility of a honeymoon right on the spot.

That is, the newlyweds do not need to go anywhere – escorted a few guests, they remain in a paradise place together to properly enjoy the company of each other. Such a wedding is sure to be memorable not only for the newlyweds, but also for the guests. But the wedding on the beach has disadvantages that can not be ignored.

Disadvantages of a “beach” wedding

As most of the preparations for the wedding fall on the shoulders of the bride, it is she who will have to consider the disadvantages of the beach ceremony. To begin with, because of the popularity of the wedding on the beach, the celebration should be planned and paid for in advance. You need to prepare everything from seating for guests to snacks for the buffet.

Since the sea is not close to everyone, you need to organize the transfer and flight of all the necessary people. Also, bad weather on the wedding day can ruin everything. Despite the fact that the celebration can be moved indoors, the effect of the wedding on the beach will not be the same as planned.

The disadvantage of a beach ceremony can also be considered the fact that it is undesirable presence of a large crowd. Usually such a wedding is planned in a close circle, or even just the two of us with the groom. And you and your future spouse will probably argue about who should be invited and who should not.

Wedding on the beach – it’s perfect for a celebration for two. After all, some brides only dream of having a beautiful wedding ceremony and not being surrounded by a crowd of people. Since all the attention will be focused on the bride, she should pay no less attention to her appearance than if the wedding was planned in a regular registry office.

Wedding on a city beach

The easiest and most inexpensive solution may be to organize a wedding buffet in your hometown on the banks of the local lake or river. However, the main problem is that most likely the area will have to be prepared, cleaned of debris, and it may be difficult to access.

In some places the area of the pond can be landscaped, you may find a gazebo, benches or equipped places for barbecues. On a flat area with a hard surface is easier to install tables, music equipment, to find a way to connect the power. But here another problem may arise – other holiday companies of people.

Wedding on the beach

Weddings by the sea

Seascape, of course, is ideal for a wedding on the beach. But if the newlyweds do not live near the sea, and it is planned to go to him, you need serious work on the organization of the holiday, as well as considerable expense. You will have to think in advance about places to stay and meals for the guests, as well as to choose a well-equipped beach.

A recreation center or a hotel on the seashore will be a good choice. Some of them provide services for weddings and take care of design, music and menus for the festive tables. An alternative is to rent a well-equipped area for a small buffet near the sea and a romantic photo shoot.

Wedding on an exotic island

Such a wedding is a dream of many couples, but to make it a reality will require serious expenses. Having saved up the necessary amount of money, you can spend your honeymoon in exotic warm countries and even register your marriage there. But inviting guests to such a ceremony is likely to be a problem: not all relatives may be willing to fly to the islands.

In popular resorts there are many companies engaged in organizing weddings on the beach and even registration of marriages for foreigners. Their services such firms provide a high level. At the request of the newlyweds, they can be painted according to European traditions, as well as exotic local ones.

Wedding on the beach: images of the newlyweds

What kind of dress is necessary for a wedding on the beach? Of course, depending on the type of figure of the bride, you need to choose a dress that most advantageously emphasizes its advantages. But it is worth rejecting overly puffy dresses – they look favorable in palaces, but not in the open space.

As all eyes will be on the bride, it is worth paying attention not only to the dress, but also to her hair and makeup. As for shoes, many brides decide to go barefoot, because standing on the sand in stilettos is not comfortable for everyone. A bride in a dress without shoes looks very touching and gentle.

Hair for the wedding ceremony on the beach also do a little looser than usual. It is best to opt for large curls rather than matching hair. An accessory in the form of a flower in the hair will also continue the summer theme. Do not give up the veil – it flutters very beautifully in the wind.

Wedding dresses for the beach: the bride’s attire

Perfectly combined with the bright sun and the beach are open dresses that expose the decollete zone, the back and shoulders, short, but not narrow outfits, so you can run on the water barefoot, or short outfits with a long train, which you can hold with your hand.

An interesting solution for a wedding on the beach would be a colored dress or exotic colorful attire, especially if the wedding is held in unusual places and countries. On the beach, trimmings with sequins, glass beads or pearls look appropriate.

Dresses with a narrow skirt are not suitable – in such an outfit the bride will feel stiff. For shoes it is best to choose sandals without heels. They will be comfortable to move around even on the sand. If the beach is well-equipped and has a hard surface, pumps or ballerinas will do.

Hair for a wedding on the beach is better to arrange in a simpler way. Strict classics will not look appropriate. Much better look curls, waving in the wind, a simple hairstyle with hair raised with a hairpin or tiara, or with partially untangled hair.

Image of the groom at the wedding on the beach

The choice of the groom’s outfit depends on the bride’s dress. If the future wife decided to wear a white dress, the groom is well suited to a light suit of natural light fabric. After the official ceremony, the newlywed is allowed to take off his jacket.

You can do without a jacket altogether, if the celebration takes place entirely on the beach. Light pants and a short-sleeved shirt will look appropriate and quite dressy in hot weather. As for footwear for such an ensemble, light leather loafers will work well.

If the bride chose a colored dress, the groom should choose pants and a shirt to match. Next to the bride in a short open dress, the future husband will look good even in light, not too short shorts and a shirt.

Wedding on the beach: highlights

Planning a beach celebration, be sure to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The time for the ceremony is better to choose in the afternoon and take care of canopies from the sun. Think about the temperature of the air at the time chosen and the possibility of changing the weather.
  2. Consider ways to get people, equipment and food to the wedding venue. Consider the availability of drinking water and toilets.
  3. Make sure your guests are comfortable: umbrellas, goggles or blankets may be needed, depending on the climate and time of year. Ladies in heels may not be able to move around if the beach is not paved. Warn guests in advance.
  4. Consider lighting the area if you want to continue the party on the beach after sunset.
  5. Alcoholic beverages should not be too strong and in large quantities, so that no one spoils the party, and to avoid accidents. For the same reason, it is recommended to exclude water games from the scenario.
  6. In the design of the wedding on the beach should not use too many decorations, because the main decoration will be the unique nature.
  7. Take care of the place for dancing and entertainment. Dancing on the sand or grass is not very comfortable. Unless you decide to have a swimsuit party barefoot.

Wedding decorations on the beach

Beautiful beach scenery on its own is a beautiful decoration for any celebration. Still, it’s worth adding the necessary decorations for a wedding. Usually, the beach is set up with ornate floral arches, white umbrellas or light canopies decorated with flying fabrics, garlands of flowers, white ribbons and inflatable balloons.

The ceremony site can be lined with paths, a gazebo, or an archway with an altar. Temporary hard flooring, such as for the dance floor and musicians, may also come in handy. In the scenery can use the marine theme and instead of white color to choose exotic natural scenery. The main thing is that everything is in harmony with the setting and natural scenery.

Who to take with you

In addition to the groom to the wedding, it is necessary to invite parents. Give them an unforgettable vacation, rent a cabin and let them relive their second youth, because looking at the happy children, they will remember their weddings and spend a romantic weekend. The most important thing for the bride is not only a beautiful ring and dress, but also beautiful photos.

Especially good wedding photos at sunset, so the wedding ceremony on the beach should definitely invite the best photographer. And of course, you will need to order the offsite ceremony at the Registry Office so that the person in charge of your registration documented right on the beach.

If you and the groom – fans of noisy company, then do not do without friends who will open the champagne and shout “Bitter! It remains to agree with the groom, what close people you want to see at your party.

We hope that you fulfill your dream and have your wedding on the beach. Wedding photos always lift your spirits and fill you with positive emotions. Every time you reminisce about how beautiful your wedding was, you will once again be glad that you got married on the beach.

A well-decorated and organized beach wedding can be the most memorable event of your life.