Floral wedding decor: trends and ideas

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Floral wedding decor: trends and ideas

The magic of floral design can work wonders. Flowers do not just give joy, they convey emotions and create a special mood. A wedding is a great excuse to give positive emotions not only to yourself, but also to your guests. The magical “language” of flowers will help you to create an extraordinary festive atmosphere, reminiscent of a floral fairy tale.

For inspiration, Wedding.ws will tell you about the main trends in wedding floristics, which are used in the decoration of the wedding.

What flowers to use in wedding decor?

Garden flowers.

Garden flowers remain a hot trend to this day. In the wedding decor beautifully and originally look compositions of asters, dahlias, velvets, crocuses. Peony and bouquets with its participation are endowed with a special tenderness.

Garden flowers can be safely called a universal. They are perfectly combined with roses, lilies, orchids and callas. Beautiful compositions are obtained with brunia, craspedia, astilbe, berries hypericum.

Peony roses

We suggest you pay attention to flowers that have just begun to gain their popularity and demand in wedding floristics – peony-shaped roses. They will fit perfectly into any style of wedding.

Asian buttercups

Ranunculus are in demand because of their beauty and practicality. They tolerate the weather well, so they can not be afraid to use them in the decor of outdoor areas, such as in the design of the wedding arch, guest chairs, tent, etc.

Artificial flowers

One of the wedding trends is considered the decor of the banquet hall with artificial flowers. As a rule, from such flowers make garlands or suspended compositions. Most often there are compositions of paper, silk and fabric flowers.

Compositions of artificial flowers of the current wedding season are distinguished by natural forms, spectacular texture and tiered.

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Fashionable colors floral compositions

Considering the color gamut of floral compositions, it is clear that the main emphasis is made on such shades as pastel blue, cornflower, lavender, mint and coral. Topical is a combination of cream, flesh and powder shades.

Leading positions are also taken by such colors as gold, soft pastel pink and beige shades. Floristic decor in this color scheme is endowed with special tenderness and sophistication.

Fashionable floral ideas

Inexpressible atmosphere at the wedding reception will create a creative floral arrangements. Not sure what to surprise your guests with? Here are some ideas!

Bouquets in Jars.

An inexpensive and original decor for a wedding reception can be ordinary flowers in jars. This can be bunches of lavender, roses, wildflowers, etc. The highlight of this solution will be the decor of the jar itself. The container can be decorated with twine, satin or lace ribbon, buttons. Many variants!

Compositions in the style of “rustic”

The main trend of this year remains an appeal to nature and everything natural. Therefore, when planning a rustic wedding, carefully take care of the selection of appropriate floral arrangements. Use flowers of calm shades: cream, pastel pink, soft blue, beige and light green. Pay attention to such flowers as camomile, gypsophila, astilbe, forget-me-nots, etc. Topical will look compositions with spikelets, leaves, ornamental plants and tree branches.

Flower arrangements in the style of “boho”

Wanting to create a “boho” style in your wedding decor, choose bright meadow and garden flowers. You will suit daisies, peonies, gerberas, pansies, pansies, which can be collected in diverse, airy compositions. The main thing is that all this was done with a special, so-called “bohemian chic” inherent in the “boho” style.

Retro floral arrangements

A “retro” wedding should be drowned in flowers and luxurious decorations. Use snow-white roses, orchids, and lilies. Dilute the whiteness with the glitter of sequins, pearl mother-of-pearl, sparkling rhinestones and ostrich feathers. Emphasize not only the white color. Black, gold and gray will also be appropriate here.

Floral compositions with a gradient

Undisputed leader among the fashion trends remains the “ombré” effect. A peculiar game of tones is traced and in modern floral creations. The spectacular gradient looks fascinating in floral bouquets and compositions. That’s why the wedding decor with the “ombre” effect is so popular among newlyweds all over the world!

Flower arrangements in tall vases

At the peak of popularity remain large flower compositions in tall decorative vases. The basis of such bouquets can consist of luxurious roses, exquisite orchids, airy hydrangea, etc.

Such compositions look especially exquisite and luxurious if the glass vessels they are in are filled with colored liquid, multicolored sand, decorative stones or citrus fruit halves.

Such different, insanely beautiful and enchanting floral arrangements will be the highlight of your wedding reception!